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Received email saying Thanks for Fibre Order that I didn't Order??

shugg mcglummfer
Chat Champion
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So, today I received an email from Yodel and a text from TalkTalk saying my order was on its way. This surprised me as I had not ordered anything and hadn't even logged into my account for a while. Anyway, logged in now and under Orders it said I'd ordered Faster Fibre Broadband. Well, I hadn't. 'Phoned the call centre and asked how this could have happened - no one knew, but I got it cancelled anyway. I would never click on one-click update emails or whatever so this is a bit annoying.


Anyway, main point is that this happened out of the blue and no doubt the router will still turn up and I'll have to go to the bother of finding out how to send it back.


Password changed on account just in case it was hacked to place the spurious order.


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Hi shugg mcglummfer


I can confirm the order has been canceled. 


I have requested a returns bag to be resent to you. 




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Hi and thanks for your reply. I definitely didn't place any order on 27th November as that's the day that I was advised that Yodel were delivering a parcel and so I only logged into my account that day to find out what was going on. I could see that it said an order had been placed but it didn't say when and so I 'phoned Customer Service and got it sorted.


No one else could access my account but in case they have I changed the password on 27th November.


It's possible at some time in the past I could have clicked on the Upgrade to faster Fibre banner to see what the details were. It would surprise me if this was a one-click thing as surely the customer would wish to read the t&c?


Anyway, hopefully it's cancelled now, I'm just waiting for the envelope to send the stuff back to you that Yodel couldn't be bothered delivering properly (they just left it in a common area that anyone could have just nabbed).


Support Team
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Hi shugg mcglummfer


There was a One click order placed on the 27th , Does anyone else have access to your Emails?