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TalkTalk is trying to charge me for a service I did not receive

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My internet stopped working from 14th of March until 6th of April. Between this period, there were multiple calls and live chats to the customer support and they all came up with the same misleading answer, that they couldn't find the source of the problem and a call will be scheduled in the next 72 hours even though I mentioned multiple times that the problem was in the router and it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, the community helped me out (Thank you, Keith and Debbie) and an OCE sent me a replacement router.


Now the strange part, the next bill I received from TalkTalk (which is my current one) is the full amount. There's no compensation for the madness I had to go through to get my internet to work and they demand that I pay the full amount otherwise I'll have to pay extra in the next bill (which by the way, doesn't exist because my contract ends on 24th April). Due to this, I had to cancel my direct debit as I am not gonna pay for a service I didn't receive and for the horrible customer service (which would've never solved the problem). I thereby request an OCE to provide the correct compensation and also request that the remaining amount be sent to me as a paper bill. It may also be noted that I definitely won't be extending my contract and therefore will not pay any additional amounts outside of my contract (which again, ends on 24th April).


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@W130SN  Auto Compensation only applies to faults reported after the 1st April. 

Whizz Kid
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@KrishanKYou should be entitled to automatic compensation.


Not sure how it will work in practice, if they have a system that highlights faults without customers notifying them, then why don't TalkTalk fix the issue before the customer has to contact them?

TalkTalk BorkBork

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Hi @KrishanK


Cancellations cannot be requested via the community all cancellation must be done via Telephone with our cancellation team, this is to complete data protection and ensure that the named account holder is cancelling the service, Also there is a 30 day cancellation process.  


Please call our cancellation team using the links on our contact us page




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Hello Arne. Thank you for replying, I appreciate the credit which you will do. Since my contract ends today, 24th of April, I will contact the cancellation team and let them know of my decision. Please do note that I will not restore my direct debit as I no longer require services from TalkTalk and if there is anything outstanding remaining when my contract ends, I will pay it. However, no administration fee outside of my contract will be paid because of the unsatisfactory response from the customer support due to which I was forced to cancel the direct debit in the first place. It may also be noted that I had already notified customer support that I won't be continuing my contract after 24th however on your advice, I will try to contact cancellation team as well. If my cancellation request doesn't arrive tomorrow for whatever reason, then I request you to make a cancellation request for me as an OCE.

Furthermore, I will be moving to a new house on the 26th of April and I have already set up a contract with another provider, which could've been TalkTalk if not for the hellish nightmare which was the TalkTalk customer support. Still I'm happy I found the community. It really made my experience a lot better, even if it was short lived.

Support Team
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Hi KrishanK


Sorry that you had problems.


I can add a credit on your  account based upon your monthly charges, We do ask the the direct debit remains open during a fault this is to stop any unnecessary admin charges being applied to the account such as late payment/failed direct debit charges see our help page here


Also when the minimum term passes the account does not automatically cancel the service moves to a 30 day rolling contract, If you wish to cancel you will need to either contract another provider, or speak to our cancellation teams, you will be charged for the service that you use until your service stops.