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billing issue

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I have just received my most recent fiber bill from talk talk ,which was overcharged for this month and last month
i sent an email to customer billing as shown below but have received no response

''this bill is incorrect as was the previous months bill
my contract go live date was 27/01/2021 for 18 months at an agreed cost of £24 per month and NOT £26.50 that you have billed me last month and this month
i have email confirmation of my contract together with the transcript of the signing on process
could you please correct this error and confirm when you have done so?
kindest regards''

i would greatly appreciate if an OC could look into it
as always kind regards and respects



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Thank you for your post, @irene56billy.


Sad to see you all going,  but these price rises did cause upset and inconvenience for many people, even if some managed to negotiate a better deal. Quite understandable. 


Remember to phone up to cancel, particularly if switching to Virgin / any full fibre service, or ask your new Openreach provider to keep your phone number, in which case they will organise the cancellation of your Talktalk service for you.


03451 720046 Monday to Friday, 9am till 7pm, till 6pm Saturday, not open Sunday. 


Cancellations can't be processed through Chat or the community forum. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you all for your help and advise and I have now found the solution

My contract ends on 27 Jul 2022  and even though I have the transcript which confirms that there would be NO increase in payment for the duration of the contract and although the increase was only nominal at £2.50 per month it is evident to me that further rises ill be implemented with no redress as I have not been given options, unlike new subscribers

I will therefore be leaving when my contract come up for renewal  together with three other family members

My daughter renewal date 23 November-- - to serve notice and switch provider

My son renewal date 23 December —-to serve notice and switch provider

And my other daughter to do likewise — in January 22

I did not object to the increase but the way it was implemented

I would like to thank all who have helped with advice in the past including the OCs who have been helpful and professional in there response to my and my families previous queries and problems

To all of you stay safe

Kindest regards



Support Team
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Hi irene56billy


Sorry that you are not happy, your bills are correct.


Earlier in the year TalkTalk took the decision to end the fixed price promise all customers where sent an email notification, yours was sent 29 May to your Hotmail address giving you 30 days to contact us (like many customers did),  and either renegotiate a new deal or leave the service with no penalty charges, by remaining you are deemed to have accepted the price rise. 


This was widely discussed on the community, I'm sorry that you missed the communication.





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as advised already checked old email and spam folders- no notification recieved

i therefore respectfully request that an OC formally request that i receive that outstanding notification

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Looks like the standard £2.50 increase that applied to a lot of contracts.


Check your old email and spam folders for the first week in June, the email subject line was "News about your service" and came from



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The support team will be back from Monday, @irene56billy.


In most instances they seem to have simply reiterated Talktalk's reasons for applying clause 16 in the Ts&Cs, but they may be able to check whether Talktalk sent out a notification email to alert you to your options. It may have gone to Spam.


Neither Chat nor staff on the forum deal with contract issues / cancellation these days. Phoning is the point of access.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you for your advice Gliwmaeden2,

I have read the terms and conditions that you referred to

And at no time was I informed by any method of any change terms to my agreement

The increase came to light in July but I presumed that it was a clerical error until the August bill came in and then I realised it was a price increase

Below is a list of my billing record


12 Mar 2021       Payment              Direct Debit Payment     -£24.00

04 Apr 2021        Your Bill                               £24.00

12 Apr 2021        Payment              Direct Debit Payment     -£24.00

04 May 2021      Your Bill                               £24.00

12 May 2021      Payment              Direct Debit Payment     -£24.00

04 Jun 2021        Your Bill                               £24.00

11 Jun 2021        Payment              Direct Debit Payment     -£24.00

04 Jul 2021         Your Bill                               £26.50

12 Jul 2021         Payment              Direct Debit Payment     -£26.50

04 Aug 2021       Your Bill                               £26.50

I am hoping that an OC can sort it out as they usually have to

I and my extended family have been with talk-talk for many years now and although talk-talk customer services have a bad rating it is normally the unsung heroes , the OCs and members on this forum that have and do correct outstanding issues

I unfortunately have other ongoing issues regarding my broadband and

I may have to review my relationship with talk-talk

I appreciate your advice  Gliwmaeden2

Regards and respects

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We were all on "fixed price promise" contracts, @irene56billy, but Talktalk has restructured the whole thing. 


Read section 16 of the Ts&Cs (linked at the foot of any TT page). Also check item 9 in there too.


Check back through all correspondence from TT from two to four months ago. There should have been a notification email giving you 30 days to leave without penalty. Many people renegotiated their contract, and at least got the difference credited back for the time being. 


There was understandably a huge row,and many shocked customers, when Talktalk started rolling this out.


They sprang it on the first batch of customers at the beginning of March.


You can reach phone help on 03451 720046 (open till 7pm today,  9am till 6pm Saturday) if you wish to speak to someone in person. 


There's a delay in the billing area of the forum for now. Staff reply daytime, Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.