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5C Master Socket Wiring Question?

Whizz Kid
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Quick question... my bog standard wired (TalkTalk) telephone connection comes into the house to a junction box inside the hall by the front door. 

I've decorated the hall recently and the wire that went from the junction box (by the front door) to the "5C BT Master socket" was worn and perished so I replaced it with the same kind of cable that you'd buy for a phone extension (the thin white 6 core standard)


The old cable from the junction box to the 5C BT Master socket was only 2 core so I've just used 2 out of the 6 cores from the extension cable to use.


My question is... is this internal extension cable good enough to go from the junction box to the master socket? The phone works fine and the Broadband is "OK" ... but maybe it's coincidence that the Broadband now disconnects and reconnects each day during the early hours??


It might be nothing to do with the cable but I wonder if the extension cable I've used maybe not quite good enough but I don't know exactly the kind of cable a BT engineer might use?


Any thoughts?

TIA Steve



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No, everything looks fine this end.

I'll track down an Openreach engineer sometime and ask his opinion about the cable.

Have a good Easter Monday - even though you're working!


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Hi Steve


Oh sorry my mistake, I thought it was off for a full hour 5am till 6am.


Do you have any wireless devices set up on a timer for around this time? (heating, lights etc)


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I've tried it on several browsers and my iPhone...?

Oh well but I don't think it can be HomeSafe/KidsSafe as the router loses connection and then reconnects at around the same time each day...  and not just "limits access"

This is the "up time" status from today.

This morning's disconnection...This morning's disconnection...


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Hi Steve


Have you tried this in a different browser?


Sometimes if HomeSafe/KidsSafe has been switched on (sometimes in error) then it has a feature I think its classed within "homework time" and this limits access for a certain time.


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I can't check that at the moment as when I try to access "My Security" in my account it says "Site can't be reached"?

...and why would HomeSafe/KidsSafe make a difference as I haven't touched that ever?

SteveI tried this...I tried this...but then this?but then this?



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Hi Steve


Thanks for your reply.


In regards to the connection dropping and reconnecting at the same time each morning, have you checked to see if HomeSafe/KidsSafe has been switched on in My Account?


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Hi Debbie, thanks for the offer but it's all working at the moment, at pretty much the same speed as ever before - although the router does seem to disconnect and reconnect to TalkTalk at around 5-6am each morning with no ill effects??

I might try a better grade of cable/wire and maybe if I come across an Openreach engineer out and about I'll ask them what they would do - anonymously of course 😉

I guess within the next year I'll have to hook up to our very recently installed "Full Fibre Street Pole" with fibre optic which is directly outside my property - as conventional landlines/routers are being phased out... it'll obviously be more expensive - as everything seems to head in an upward direction...



Support Team
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Hi Steve


Sorry for the delay.


We can't really advise in regards to changing any of your own wiring from the socket. I'm not sure what specific wiring/cables an Openreach engineer would use sorry.


We can arrange an engineer visit for you if you would like them to help and take a look at the socket?


Community Star
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The usual assumption is that Openreach is responsible for wiring up to but not including the face plate of the master socket.


I fear that you maybe shouldn't have changed the wiring ahead of contacting Talktalk to arrange repairs, but will flag this up for staff attention. 


If you don't hear back today it will be after the weekend. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.