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Anyone else offered a fixed price contract. NO mid year increase.

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I got offered fibre 35 for £23 p/m for 18mths (subject to April price rise),  OR £23.95 for 24 mths fixed ( i.e with NO price increase). 


Is this even possible? I don't find mention of it anywhere online, and wondered if I misunderstand the offer? 




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Hi jon_c78,


I'm sorry you haven't received a call


Have sent you a PM requesting for some details, we'll then look into this for you.





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The manager never phoned. I therefore logged a complaint that the manager never phoned, and they sent me a complaint code and said a manager would phone about this complaint.  The manager didn't phone. I contacted TT and they said there was no record of a callback. I provided them with the TWO texts I received, advising I was promised a call. They had no idea.  


Who sent the texts then if they don't have a record of them when I query them?


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Hi jon_c78,


Really sorry to read about what's happened here.


I hope the manager was able to resolve this for you, please let us know if you need any further help.





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Long story short .


I had 'banked' that  fibre 35 and went and looked around elsewhere. 


I came back yesterday to another agent to confirm this deal, but he couldn't find any reference to the deal on my log, and that fibre 35  wasnt even available!?


So he recommended fibre 65 for £24 fixed plus phone. But that I'd need full fibre fttp. I agreed in the deal.


I then called back today to query why I needed full fibre connected as fibre 65 isn't full fibre, only to be told that this deal wasn't logged either! 


Then that they couldn't give me fibre 65 AND a landline!? 


I have a call with a manager tomorrow.



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Hi jon_c78


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720046 or 03451725157


The will be able to help




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There is such a thing as Fixed Price  Plus, @jon_c78, for which you pay a little more all the way through. 


Considering current inflation figures, it looks like a good deal!


It's not the same as the pay upfront for 12 months, also listed on that page.


Different again from the usual 18 month contract which for most packages is subject to the April 3.7% + CPI increase. 


Be very careful clicking on any My Account offers. Better to check the exact details by phoning up 03451 720046 or use Chat:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.