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Asus DSL-AC55U Router Setup for VDSL

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Today I purchased an Asus DSL-AC55U VDSL router to replace my current HG633 for increased wi-fi capability.

I used the Asus quick internet setup and chose Talktalk and auto IP and was unable to connect.

I then ran setup again and chose PPPOE but was unable to complete this as have never had the login and password, which I understand is coded into the HG633 before delivery.


I rang Asus for advice and they said as it was a non standard router I would need to ask Talktalk for the login details.

I then rang Talktalk who assured me it was not required and that the Asus router should just connect automatically. I tried again and it didn't.

I rang Asus again and they said I would DEFINITELY need my PPPOE login details.

I rang Talktalk again and asked for my login info and the advisor had no clue what I was talking about.

She spoke to her 'manager' and returned to say that they have no such login info to give me.

I said that my login ID before VDSL was, where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is my landline number.

She agreed and when I pressed her further she gave me a possible password in the format FTTCXXXXXX.

I tried this together with my phone number based ID and still got no luck.



After wasting a whole day, someone is lying to me.

Do I need a PPOE login and password? Are Talktalk really not able to release the info??

Am I just going to have to return my nice whizzy router and live with the flaky HG633???


Thanks in advance.