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Broadband Upgrade

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My TT contact has come to an end so I looked at the upgrades on offer on the TT website. Note: my old contract is no longer available.

After much searching I found an upgrade offer of:

Fibre 65 at £23.50 + TV at £2.00 = £25.50 for 18 months.

I dont want TT TV, but as usual there is no option on the website to remove this option.

After spending what seemed like an eternity on the TT Chat I believe I agreed to just the Fibre 65 without any other additions for the £23.50 shown.

However, when I received the TT confirmation email it shows I will pay £25!

This is so disappointing and a lesson in how TT makes renewals (upgrades) difficult by only offering the combinations of TV etc. that they would want the customer to have, not what the customer actually wants!

Anyone else found this trickiness from TT?


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Hi @TalkDontTalk


Did you manage to get through it looks like the agent has added the wrong discount when the renewal was placed. 


Call  them on 03451720088 they will be able to help. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


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"Fibre 65 at £23.50/month" ?!?, well, that's still a bargain, mine is currently £27/month , (with no TV added).

(NOT complaining though) 🙂


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Thanks Skynet_TX, I was thinking I would call tomorrow, your post has confirmed I will do just that!

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Hi @TalkDontTalk,


You would be better off calling the Loyalty / Retentions team on 0345 172 0088, you are more likely to actually get the package you want by calling that number, and they may well be able to arrange a better deal than you can see available online, presumably you have a 'cooling-off' period for your new contract, so might be worth trying them to see if they can do anything to help.


When you call that number you may have to listen to some recorded messages, but when it asks what you want just ask for the loyalty team or the retentions team.