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Firmware SG4K100136 problem

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My router updated to firmware SG4K100136 on 21/5/22 and since then my connection has reduced. There is some problem. Let me explain. In the router admin page it shows a connection of 33mb download however repeated speed tests show a slower download of 7mb to 17mb. Nothing has changed in my house and I do not have close neighbours so interference from conflicting Wi-Fi channels is not the problem. I have also done speed test with an Ethernet connection with the same result. The only thing that has changed is the firmware update. See attached photos of admin page and a list of my previous firmware and current firmware speed test results. Can I be rolled back to the previous version.

SG4K100136 clearly has a bug. 





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Hi walliskeyes


That's great 🙂


I've checked and the WIFI optimisation is switched off.






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Hi Michelle,  thank you for your assistance, your suggestion has resolved my issue.  😀


Could you also please check that Wifi optimisation has not been re-enabled since the firmware update.  I do not require this as it causes conflictions with my access point.


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I'm sorry to hear this and will take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. I can see that the sync speed has been varying, however the sync speed has increased again over the last 48hrs. How is the speed at the moment? If there is no improvement then could you try powering down the router for a full 30 minutes and then retest the speeds again please as this will reset the current session.




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I'll ask TalkTalk support to investigate this for you.

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