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Router frequently resetting for unknown reasons

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For the past few weeks, my router has been resetting (and disconnecting everyone in the house from the internet) sometimes up to 3 times a day for up to 30 seconds to a minute, it even disconnected within the last hour or so.


I know when it goes off when I see the Ethernet Light on the ONT switch off and the light on the router briefly turn orange before blinking orange and white as it regains it connection before returning to white.


I've since logged into the Wifi Hub and found in the user log section at approximately the same time it disconnects, these entries appear. The one below are the latest before I logged into the Hub.


1981-01-01 00:00:10 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: System reset due to kernel panic, Terminal:OTHER
2023-01-18 21:51:04 [Notice][Run-Log] SNTP has synchronized successfully, current time is [2023-01-18 21:51:04+00:00], uptime is [39s].
2023-01-18 21:51:27 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Type:Set,InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer:,ConnectionRequestUsername:userid,ConnectionRequestPassword:-
2023-01-18 21:51:32 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Type:Set,InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer:,PeriodicInformEnable:1,PeriodicInformInterval:86400,PeriodicInformTime:2023-01-18T21:51:32.112Z


I know the last 3 from the looks of it seem to be the router syncing to the correct time, but I do not know what is causing this [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: System reset due to kernel panic, Terminal:OTHER


Here is what my router device is:

Device Type:DG8041W
Description:EchoLife DG8041W Home Gateway
Hardware Version:I.1.01
Software Version:v1.05t


I did a device reset earlier in the day hoping that it would fix the problem, evidently it did not work.


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Hi DBrannan


That's great news, thanks for letting us know 🙂




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Been almost 24 hours since the update and so far had no resets. That seems to have done it.


Will of course inform you if I do start getting regular disconnects anytime in the future.

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Hi DBrannan


Thanks for your reply.


The firmware has now been updated, please let us know how the connection compares.



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If you can do it now, that would be perfect.



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We do have a different version of firmware that we can try that should resolve this particular issue. When would be the best time to update this for you as there will be a down time of around 20 minutes and the router can't be switched off or rebooted during this time.