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Router needs software update

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Checked my Account and this appears

'About you Router


You have a Sagemcom-FAST5364 but the software needs updating to the latest version.


 Any advice or file to update the Router as TR-069 has not updated the Router whether it does or not I have no idea and if it doesn't what is the point of it?


Steve Devey MC2

Support Team
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Hi BurnhamDigital45


Thanks for your post.


The new firmware rollout has been paused for the moment. I'm not sure when this will restart.


Are you experiencing any issues with the router/connection?


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Hi @BurnhamDigital45,


Is this a new router, or one you have been using for some time ?


Routers will normally update automatically overnight, but if it is not updating for some reason then the staff here can push out firmware updates manually, it is not possible for you to update it yourself.


What version of firmware is it currently running ?, you can see this by browsing to and seeing what it says next to 'version' towards the bottom of the login screen.


Staff here will be able to help more when they return on Monday.