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Talk talk engineer costs for ADSL cable replacement

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I had an engineer to visit my property on 6th December (REP-13709829). The engineer found an issue with the ADSL cable, which he replaced. I have since been charged for the visit, £75.


The ADSL cable was provided by TalkTalk. It's very irritating as, prior to arranging the engineers visit, customer support takes you through lots of steps to avoid 'simple' connection errors (e.g. router not being plugged in etc) but they never ask if you have tried a different ADSL cable. The charge would be fair if they had asked me, prior to the visit, if I had tried this. But they didn't. 


I think it's very unfair that a charge is levied for something that TalkTalk supplied. I have no control over the quality of the ADSL cables they are buying and supplying to the customer so why should I be charged when it goes wrong? It's not my fault that TalkTalk are buying in defective cables and supplying these to customers.


I have contacted customer support who tell me that the £75 charge is valid.


How to I go about making a formal complaint to TalkTalk?




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Hi robin30


Its your choice, you can leave it on the account to be used against the next few bills, or request the amount back to your bank account. 




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Thanks Arne. That's great


I can see the account balance is -£75. Do I need to request the refund, or will the amount be taken off subsequent bills?




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Hi @robin30


Thanks for your post. 


I can see that a credit a has since been applied to your account. You should be able to request a refund via My Account. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused