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Using HG633 router as a wifi extender/access point

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Hello, I've got a Sagemcom router for my fibre broadband connection, which works fine for our PC, phones and Hive Home Hub. We recently bought a new Epson WiFi printer which we keep in a different room from the PC and I want to set up my old TalkTalk Huawei HG633 router in the same room as the printer to give the WiFi signal a boost (it's not convenient to have to keep moving the printer through when I want to use it as a scanner).


I'm having issues with actually scanning pages to the PC over WiFi - I think it's because the WiFi signal off the Sagemcom router is weaker in the room we keep the printer in, so I think setting up an extender would help.


Would I be able to use the instructions in this thread for an HG633 + HG635 set up to do this with my Sagemcom and HG633?


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Yes, but how do you want to physically connect the two together, as this will affect the configuration required.

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