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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

We lost our internet for 6 days - we had two missed engineer appointments when they didnt come and .

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And when the "engineer" did come he didn't diagnose the problem as being the socket and the router he said it was the outside line so then Openreach had to be contacted, their engineer turned up and diagnosed the problem as being the socket on the inside of the property and the router, he replaced the socket and then told Talk Talk that they have to supply a new router as the old one was faulty.


You really couldn't have made it up, meanwhile i am supposed to be working from home and i spent hours waiting in for people to come that didn't turn up and of course was completely off the internet.


Nearly two weeks later i am still waiting for the manager of the "complaints manager" in South Africa to ring me back and apparently they do that within 48 hours......... clearly not in this case.


So hopefully rather than me "chatting" with someone for fifty minutes getting nowhere - one of the talk talk people on this site will pick up on my message and ask the "managers manager" to ring me today.....


I won't hold my breath but hopefully it will happen!




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Hi ashbyman


Apologies for this.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details. I can then take a look at your complaint and escalate this for you.




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Yes Chris it is okay now, once the socket had been replaced and the new router was delivered but that isn't the point that I was trying to make - it was an absolute mess from beginning to end and then the manager does not contact me as i was told that they would and i have chased it up on the so called "chat" and now i am doing it again with you now.......... Michael


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Hi Michael,


I'm sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience. Just to confirm, is your service working OK now?