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speed problem

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I have a contract for a Fiber35 package. The download speed is about 27 Mbps and the upload speed is about 6 Mbps. On February 23, the speed suddenly dropped to about 13 Mbps to the router and 11 Mbps to the PC. A line check showed a problem. On March 2, an engineer arrived. After his visit, the speeds did not change much and the line test continued to show the problem. After about three weeks, the line test shows that everything is fine, but the speeds to the router are 18 Mbps and to the computer 15 to 16 Mbps. This situation continues to this day. I don't understand why the speeds can't go back to normal as they were according to the subscription, and it's been over a month! My neighbor has Internet on the same network and still has normal speeds and we are connected the same way!! I do not understand! I'm still using the original router and cables I received when I first connected, and why is the speed difference 2 to 3 Mbps? Please explain this problem to me and help me get back to normal.

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Did you respond to the PM from Chris? Otherwise, wait until the support team are back online tomorrow. 


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Hi Chris

I have not yet received information about the date of the engineer's visit. What happened?

This evening I received an email from TalkTalk directing me to a speed test. Test result - speed to the router 29 Mbps, speed to the computer - downloading about 5 Mbps, sending about 8 Mbps.

The computer and the router have been connected with a cable (60 cm) for several years and it was fine and suddenly there is a problem?

Complete nonsense!!! What this is about? I have enough of this.

The problem has been going on for 6 months - some repair, a few weeks fine and then repeat. Strange emails from TalkTalk about connecting to the team, where none of the call buttons work.

Where is the problem - in the quality of repair or service?

When will this finally end and I will have normal internet that I pay for?

Can you explain this situation to me and do something to finally end it?

Regards  Les


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No problem, I've sent you a PM to confirm some details I'll then book the engineer 




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No problem. Please make an appointment on Monday or Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m



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Hi Lesman,


The engineer visits are either AM (8am-1pm) or PM (1pm-6pm) - sorry, I don't know why the button isn't working. We can usually get an appointment next working day so are you available either AM or PM Monday and Tuesday next week?




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One more question.

Can you explain to me what the problem is that after logging in to my account, I cannot arrange an engineer's visit - the contact with the team button does not work.



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Hi Chris

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I will definitely be at home during this time.

If the visit is at a different date, I will try to adapt to it.

I only ask for information about the date of the visit.

Thank you for your help.

Regards   Les


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Hi Les,


Could you let us know when you can be available for the visit and we'll book it for you




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Hello Michelle

Happiness doesn't last long. The situation returned again - from Wednesday, September 13, the speed dropped to approximately 5 Mbps. Yesterday I received the first e-mail - an engineer will be sent, I don't have to be at home because the problem is on the line. Today's second e-mail - I need to arrange an engineer's visit and there is a box - "do it here". However, once you log in to your account, you can't make an appointment - the contact box doesn't work.

Everything is done exactly the same as last time, several days ago.

When will this comedy finally end? When will the line finally be repaired and working properly?

I pay full fees and I get problems. These problems have been going on since the end of March this year.

Is the only solution to change your internet provider?

An engineer's visit to my home if necessary - please let me know when and I will adjust.

Please help me solve and close this case.

Regards.  Les


Support Team
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I've included a Help Guide below on how our Compensation Policy works. This covers delays to the start of the service, total loss of service faults and missed engineer appointments.


About your auto compensation credit - TalkTalk Help & Support




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Ask for compensation for your loss of service

The test socket tests.

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Glad to hear that your speeds have remained consistent and thanks for letting us know 🙂




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As of Thursday, September 5, the speed remains between 29 and 33 Mbps.
I hope this is the end of the failure on my line.
Thank you for your help.
Regards  Les


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Hi Les


Just checking in to see how the connection/speed has been since your last post?


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Hi Les


Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to hear that the speed has increased.


As the speed has increased then we wont need to arrange the engineer visit. If the speed does drop again then we will arrange an engineer visit.


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Hi Debbie

Yes, I have read it, answered any questions I could and was informed that someone would be contacting me soon. You are the first person who contacted me.

I checked the internet and the speed was back to normal around 32Mbps. My account has also been unlocked, I can log in.

Everything seems to be back to normal.

If you think that everything will be fine, the arrival of an engineer is unnecessary.

If you think that you need to do something else to make this connection stable. then please arrange it.

Regards.  Les


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Hi Lesman


I can see that my colleague Chris has sent you a private message. Would you like us to arrange an engineer visit?


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Did you miss the message from Chris immediately prior to your last post?


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Hi Michelle Please explain to me what this is about.
Order of facts:
1. The Internet is down. The speed drops to 5 Mbps, the router loses connection - it constantly searches for the Internet
2. I am informed that the problem is on a line outside my home, an engineer will come to repair it, I do not have to be at home.
3. Then I get information that I need to order an engineer's visit. There is a place in the email - do it here.
4. After entering my account, the reporting field is supposedly active (blue), but it does not work.
5. I check the download speed and it is already about 9 Mbps, but the upload speed is almost the same.
6. On Friday, I reset the router (I turn it off for 30 minutes) and the speed suddenly reaches about 32 Mbps - the same as before the failures.
7. Sunday - speed dropped to about 20 Mbps.
8. I want to access my account, but it turns out it's impossible. A message is displayed - "To keep your account secure the link must be opened from the device and browser it was requested. Please try again."
This is a completely absurd situation, as I haven't changed my computer or browser for over 10 years, and previous access to my account was normal.
My neighbor has the Internet from TalkTalk, he is in the same telephone network and has peace of mind, and I have had constant surprises since March.
I have been with you for over 10 years, I pay fees regularly, but not to have annoying surprises, but to have stable internet.
Please explain to me what is happening and whether I will finally have stable internet.
Regards  Les

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Hi Lesman,


We can arrange the engineer, I've sent a PM to confirm some details