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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

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i am on (supposedly) fibre 65 and have been for the last 16 months,we are on the last mile copper from the cabinet.for the last couple of months devices keep dropping off wifi so i have to turn router off then on again to get them reconnected,this is now everyday even 2 or 3 times a day,i have security cameras and if we go away i lookon the cameras to check our property and lo and behold not on wifi,cant do anything as we are away,come home turn router off,turn it on again and connected again,ask alexa to turn on a light "sorry i cannot connect to wifi" so turn router off and on again,alexa turn on light,magic turned on.have a look at something on my mobile,oh i am on data,have a look at wifi "signal strength excellent" connect "sorry unable to connect" switch router off and on again,wow phone connected.this is now getting beyond a joke,i am paying round £40 a month for fibre 65,we dont have fibre,we live in a village and dont think it will come anytime soon and all i want is a decent service without haveing to get up 2 or three times aday to turn my router off and on and when we go away be able to check our property is safe and secure,no good contacting talktalk as the wifi shows as good or excellent,any help would be very greatly appreciated,been with talktalk for at least the last 15 years but wont hold my breath as just lately they seem to have been going downhill


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Hi micklynn


I'm so glad to hear this, thanks for letting us know 🙂




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Sorry for late reply but we were away for over a week after new router arrived,got it set up just before we went and some cameras and smart plugs connected,all seemed to stay connected while away and when we arrived home our phones reconnected without having to turn it off and on and up to now seems to be working fine so probably some fault on old router,this has now been returned so hopefully shouldn't have any problems now,thankyou for your help regards michael ashcroft


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Good morning,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've re-run the line test now which is still clear. Would you like us to send a replacement router for testing purposes to see how this compares? We would also send a router returns bag so that one of the routers can be returned.






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i did reply to email on 21/12 but have not heard back from you yet ,yes we do occasionally have noise on our landline but we rarely use it nowadays as we use mobiles for  our calls,i am still having to turn router off every morning and times during the day,we wanted to watch something on amazon prime on christmas day and it said no connection even though the tv is hard wired to router.i am wondering even more now what i am paying £40 a month for as this is now getting very tiresome,also if we go away again i will have no security watch on our house again,this may seem trivial but we live close to a big prison and never know who is travelling through or around our village so if i had a good broadband and wifi that was reliable it is a bonus


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Hi micklynn,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Line test is passing but I can see that there have been some disconnections over the last few days. Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service, any noise on the line?