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Unable to send TalkTalk emails on Windows 10

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Since 15th September I've been unable to send TalkTalk emails from Windows 10.  They just pile up in the Outbox.  The error says "problem with certificate for" "Error code 0x80072f89".  I've checked all the advanced settings and they are correct.  I spent 45 mins with TalkTalk helpdesk and they just say the problem is with Microsoft.  Sending does work from TalkTalk webmail client and Android.  I can't see anything on Microsoft community about this so has something changed with TalkTalk port 587 certificate this week?


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Hi WhiteElephant 


Come to Community and this forum for the solution! Thanks for taking time out to let us know. We always appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks @Gondola I had seen that on the Windows error message but been a bit wary in case I didn't get emails back.  But I've just done it and it resolved the problem.  It automatically changed incoming server from mail to imap and port from 993:0 to 993:1.  This is different from the screen shot from TalkTalk support desk - so they are telling people the wrong thing.  When I synced all the emails in Inbox and Sent folders re-appeared and the previous ones in Outbox just disappeared without sending - luckily I'd got copies on gmail.

I noticed that TalkTalk mail still has this strange thing where sent messages appear in Sent folder, then disappear then reappear after re-syncing.  Gmail seems to work a lot faster and doesn't need the advanced port settings screen.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @WhiteElephant 


What you need to do is Remove the account from your computer via the Windows Mail Account settings.


Then set up afresh.  Check the incoming and outgoing server settings are like the following screenshot. The incoming server can be prefixed by mail or imap as the server will accept either.


Windows Mail server settings

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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