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D-Link DHP-W610 AV: Conflicting Country Codes

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I have the wi-fi powerline extenders named above and have set them up to extend the wifi. I've been having problems with getting devices upstairs to connect to the network, plus the speed from the adaptor fluctuates from 15Mbps to almost 0. In an effort to test it, I switched off the 2.4Ghz signal and renamed the 5Ghz signal from the extender so I could see when my Mac was connected directly to it. It still didn't seem to help with things, so I ran Wireless Diagnostics. It highlighted that my renamed 5Ghz network was broadcasting a US country code, rather than a GB code. 


I did a full reset on the extender. It then broadcast the same SSID as my hub. I scanned again but it appeared not to be broadcasting a 5Ghz signal, even though the adaptor's management page showed it was active. It would, however, show the 2.4Ghz but without a country code. So, I had three signals showing in my scan, all with the same SSID - two on 2.4Ghz (one from the adaptor and one from the hub) and one on 5Ghz (from the hub). Both signals from the hub show a GB code.


To see if I could force a 5Ghz network to appear, I changed the name of the adaptor's 5Ghz SSID. After restarting the adaptor it showed in my scan list and it had become a US code. The 2.4Ghz, however, still shows no country code.


The reason I ask is that the diagnostics tool said that conflicting country codes can cause a few problems, the resolution of which might help solve the issues I've been having. Does anyone know what's going on with that and if it can be resolved?


Sorry for the lengthy post!



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I should add, I bought the extenders from Talk Talk.