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Faster Fibre 150 / 300 roll out plan


Due to the increasing interest surrounding the faster fibre 150 and 300 packages it might be a good idea to have some form of viewable roll out plan. Talktalk's site advertises faster fibre as if it is highly available but in reality it is only available in a very small amount of areas.


As a 'utility' Talktalk must have some idea of when these upgrades are due to take place even if it is within a large timescale.


If customers have a rough idea of when these upgrades are taking place / nearing the end of their contract / looking to upgrade their current internet speed - I would assume that they would be more likely to hold on to their loyalty than switch to say Virgin Media who have been able to supply much higher speeds since quite a while ago.

Community Team

Hi aaron777,


Thanks for the suggestion, I don't know how feasible it is to provide this information. As you're probably aware we do have a checker here to see if it's currently available