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How to favour stability over speed?




I appreciate there is a noticeable strain on the ISPs infrastructure these days, for obvious reasons, however, is there a way of favouring the stability of the connection vs. speed?


I have been forced to work from home and since 23rd Mar, my Faster Fibre connection keeps dropping-out several times per hour, for up to 5 min, all day long, every day.


Question for Talk-talk's engineers out there:

Is there a way to tweak something in the connection settings for my account so that connection stability takes precedence over the speed, please? I do not watch Netflix, I do not play video-games, I just need a stable connection to work remotely.


Any thoughts welcome.





Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Arthur


Thanks for your post.


DLM should monitor the connection to get the best balance between speed and stability.


I've completed a line test which has detected a possible fault. Can I just check if your landline service is working ok when making calls? (any noise)


Is the router connected at the test socket? I can then pass this fault over to Openreach to investigate the fault/drops in connection.






Hi Debbie,


Thank you for your reply.


I can confirm that the landline telephone works well, just as it used to and that the router is connected to the master socket.


There hasn't been any changes on our end, the disconnections issue popped-out from seemingly nowhere.

Please keep me up-to-date whether you will pass on that issue to OpenReach.


Separately, just in case there was an option for you to change, or request to change my DLM threshold to "Super-stable", instead of "Speed", I would be grateful if you could do so, please.




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Arthur


Thanks for your reply.


I have now passed this fault straight over to Openreach to be investigated by a line engineer and we should receive further updates within the next 48hrs.


In regards to DLM, we are unable to make any changes to this. Only an Openreach engineer can reset DLM or change the settings.


The stability issue will be related to the line fault detected, apologies for this.