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Laptop gets stuck booting on SagemCom router

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Unless I turn the wifi off...

Community Team - TT Staff

Point taken but it's just difficult to understand how this could be causing the laptop not to boot. Do you have access to another Windows 10 laptop that you can test with, friend or family members for instance?


Just out of curiosity, how long have you left the laptop trying to boot? Wondering if it just take a while to boot or won't boot at all no matter how long you leave it


Problem Solver

If this is a brand new Windows 10 laptop have you checked on pre-setup started tasks ? What is trying to boot up on this device which wasn't installed on your previous laptop ?


Could be something conflicting with a TalkTalk restriction.

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Hello all,


I have an update! My IT team worked out it was a program called Avecto. This has been uninstalled and it's working perfectly now. Thanks for all your help.

Community Team - TT Staff