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3 Months of apologies and no solutions, 5+ failed installations, failed payments and more. Oh Boy!!!

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Why have I written all this?

As you will see, there has been a lot going on. I believe that it will take some investigation between TalkTalk and Openreach to rectify this. I suspect forum staff or call center staff will not be able to click a few buttons and fix this.

There seems to be many conflicting problems that are required to be solved by a different department, and it has got so out of hand. It takes ages to explain it all to staff at a call center, to only be passsed around again and again, and is getting me nowhere happy fast.

Each time I call, I waste 2-3 hous of my life getting nowhere, even this has wasted 4 hours. I think I have personally wasted over 40 hours trying to get this fixed. Thats a whole weeks work i could have been doing, and getting paid for it!

I wouldn't mind so much if your staff would read your own notes. Which, you all say you have taken. Then you may be able to maybe piece together a solution.


Let us start at the beginning, shall we?

In December we tried to leave to go to a different cheaper broadband supplier, it was all set up for a seamless switchover, then I had a call from the new providers saying TalkTalk had put a stop on the switch over and we should talk to TalkTalk to fix the issue.

I called you up to find out what was wrong, only to find there was nothing wrong with our account and you had done no such thing! Who do I believe?

We had now run out of time to sort out a new provider, as we would be out of contract and the charges would be astronomical. We had little choice but to stay with yourselves. It was not a big saving after all and you had been ok so far, so we upgraded to fiber35 and thought nothing more of it.

In January (after getting the 35Mbs for a short period of time) we started to get problems with our internet speed(8-10 Mbs), so we called you up and said there was a problem. Fair enough you sent an Openreach engineer out and the problem got solved.

Within 2 weeks (can't remember the exact time) Openreach was down fixing our neighbors' line and suddenly, our broadband disappeared (sometimes 2 ish Mbs sometimes NOTHING.)
Again you sent out an Openreach engineer. This time they put a new line in from the pole down the road to the house, but... the broadband speed was terrible, they said to wait a few days and it should sort itself out as they had to change a few things.

So we waited. In the meantime, we received a text saying we had not paid our bill.
WHAT HOW !?!? It must be a scam I thought, at this time the only way to get authorized to speak to you was for dad to pass me over after verifying his details, but... I do not live close to him.

As my father is not computer literate, I look after his online affairs and can log in to your website and should be able to log in and see if the Direct Debit payment had failed. But alas, I could not log in, it would not accept the password. Grrrr. (It was the right password but your site was not working for me on any device. I tried on 2 mobile phones, 2 desktop computers, 2 laptops)

So I called you up to verify if the number the text was sent from was yours, as I could not find it on google. Sounds simple and reasonable enough?

Apparently not, I got the same phrase over and over again saying, "I cannot tell you anything about the account without going through authorization".

All I needed is to know if the number was yours. Eventually, the lady checked the account anyway and told me the number was fake and it was a scam text! Brilliant!

The next day dad popped around my house and said the internet was still slow, could I do anything about it?

I logged into your website, this time with no problems only to discover a message saying the payment had failed. So we paid it straightaway, thinking it failed due to all the payment adjustments, or you had not set it up in time. I checked his settings online, all was good Direct Debit was still set up with the correct details.

So I phoned you up to fix the speed issue, only to find out the upgrade had been canceled! Thanks for not telling us.

That's why the Direct Debit failed then I assumed.

"Shall we try again?" you said. "Of course!!!!!! I'm now out of contract!!! " or words to that effect. I was told not to worry about the bill it will get corrected automatically and the Direct Debit was all fine! But it would take 2 weeks to set the Broadband up again...

"Dave my Broadband is pathetic it's even slower now 1.5 Mbs". Here we go again.
You arranged to send out one of your own engineers, then for some unknown reason, you send a text to say the appointment was canceled. no reason just canceled. So back on the phone and arranged another appointment.

This time the engineer turned up and said he found the problem, it was with the exchange and said he would talk to Openreach to get it sorted in the following week.

Well, the following week the Direct Debit Failed AGAIN...

'what the .... is going on?'

This time the bill was for fiber35, we must be getting somewhere at least that is sorted.
So we paid by debit card again as soon as we knew about the problem, but this time I deleted the Direct Debit and re-put the details in again on your accounts page.

This is crazy how useless can they be? Direct Debit is fine they said ...

To this day I believe the Direct Debit is now sorted. But I had to sort it myself, and we nor our bank, had canceled it. There was plenty of funds in the account and the bank says nobody tried to take it out of the account. So WE did NOT cancel it.

So back to the speed issue then I guess.

A few days later we had a knock at the door. The engineer was back.
"What am I doing here? Again?" he said. "Don't have a clue." said dad.
"Me neither", said the engineer. So they talked for a few minutes...
"it's disgraceful having to pay all this money for fiber35 and not getting a good, at times ANY usable service, I should be getting a discount!" dad said.

The engineer laughed nervously and said, "what do you mean fiber35. You're not on fiber35, you are on ADSL2. It's not possible to get fiber on the line you're connected to."
I will let you imagine the rest of the conversation, but long story short. he says we're on an ASDL2 line and can't get fiber35. Strange as we did for a short time. Our neighbours do in fact, they get amazing speeds as they are only 500m from the exchange!

Plus he said there is still something that needed to be done in the exchange, to fix another problem we have with the setup.

Now, dad also spoke to the Openreach engineer when he was last down fixing the line before this. Apparently, we had a strange setup before he replaced our line.

We had calls coming from a TalkTalk connection, and our broadband from a Plusnet connection . we only have 1 phone line to the house!!!! That is apparently fixed now, but I'm not sure anything is fixed. more likely it is still broken

Work that out!

So anyway, armed with this information dad phoned TalkTalk...Again. (he is half deaf and can't understand Indian accents, over VoIP phone calls at the best of times. Which is why I normally do the talking).

Now after getting the phone put down on him because he wanted to complain, at least 6 times by your call center, he finally got through to someone. He was told, because the direct Debit bounced and he is now classed as a bad debtor. The broadband and his line has been limited to those speeds as a penalty, and will not under any circumstances be lifted for another 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!! the lady tried but was not allowed. It was tough luck!

So next time I was down, I spent 3 and half hours on the phone to your call center in India. Apologies... I have never had so many apologies. Oh and we had a new bill for £39.07 way more than what was quoted(£28).

I tried to explain the long list of issues and state I would like to make a complaint. I am told how sorry they are, and apologize, and they will try to fix the issues, and offer me a deal for fiber35. First they would need to pass me over to someone else, who can do this for me, and they will pass on the details...

next agent:

The first thing they say is 'how can I help?'. So I explain I was told I had some problems, the bill was wrong and I was promised a special deal. I was thinking they don't want to mess up the deal as I was going to pay only £27 now 🙂 Happy me.

We can sort that out for you sir.

"Great," I said, "what are you going to do about fixing the broadband?". The response was more like from a small confused child. "DO THE WHAAAT?!?!".
Pass the parcel began.

Tech talked about wifi boosters. etc. (we use Ethernet connections)

I stop them and explain again and again and again and again, the conversations with engineers and accounts and ... I already know this is not going to work. At the end of the call we won't be better off, just more angry and tired of the whole thing.

I got passed around I think it was 6 times each and every time. Apparently, after explaining all of the above, I had the wrong department. Everyone sympathized with me but it was not their department and they could not do anything. I even explained it was every department that needs to look in to this, for all of this to get sorted!

In the end, I was promised that this time they had fixed the account being restricted, as there was no longer anything in the notes, or on the account regarding this (who did that? They never told me they fixed it, so I doubt it is). The engineer would be out this time, if required to fix the line, and the exchange if it was needed before the 'upgrade' went live. (Just like every other time? Hmm).

You can't do anything about the previous bills, because the system will not let them, but this one will be adjusted to the new price.

How I kept my temper and stayed civil I do not know. But either way, I knew it was not going to be solved yet.

Just a little bit more to go... nearly up to date.

So, dad got a text saying there was a problem with the upgrade and it may be delayed... And I called again.

It got declined again... reason unknown let us try again, they said ... Wait... What...
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome!

or at least that is what I was told. your poor staff could not see the irony of this. So I explained all the above again.

But, OH NO Your network is down... and you can't do anything for me... (more irony?) I will have to call back later.

However, I had just traveled to Dad's house so he could authorize me to talk to you. If I were to leave his house, how would I be able to call you back? But, I must call you back in 2 to 3 hours later. I was NOT HAVING IT. I DON'T CARE. FIX IT!

I will pass you over to tech it sounds like a tech problem... and pass, and pass... 3 hours later still on the phone, and no network at TalkTalk ( but you can verify me and write notes on my account). So you get things sorted out and finally I am passed over to a sweet young woman that I can't be mad at and tries again...

Yep, you guessed it. Back on the phone, another text and finally get through to a person called 'Tift' from orders management.

Now I explain things, and he tries to do the same and pass me around, nope, I'm not doing it. He asks me what the deal was, and tries giving me the same deal and upgrade me again!
I say nope. there is a serious problem and you need to fix it. 3 months+ this has been going on. Yes, he says there is a problem. I see... Hmmm. I will talk to the engineers and Openreach first, then our tech dept, as the issue needs fixing first. I will get a better deal and compensation for you this is just not on. Give me 24 hours and I will get back to you personally. I gave him my mobile number, and explained my dad does not understand computers, can't hear properly and to only call me as I now have a telephone password setup, so I can get through the authorization. ( best thing I ever did.)

By this point after listening to your call center staff for way over 30 hours, and your stupid repeating music, that I will never dislodge from my brain. I knew I was never getting that call, and I will never get your staff to fix this problem by calling them up. Even speaking to managers was painful, I'm not even sure that they were managers as they could do nothing apart from offer 'special deals' to get me to go away. p.s. every deal was the same as currently on offer for new customers on your website. Considering we have been with you since 2014... can't we do better than try and pull the wool over my eyes?

Considering Ofcom states that I should be getting some compensation for you not providing the service you promised, multiple times and not getting the speed to at least a useable level. (The best speed was 1.73Mbs today). Alexa won't even talk to us, no Netflix, no amazon, no browsing, thinking about it maybe I should have checked the ping time too.

We are after all currently getting an amazing deal of all this speed for as little as £37. and have been for a while now. We are on faster fiber! Cool, that must mean faster than fiber35!!!!!
Oh no... Faster fiber is up to 11Mbps, which was our old package, and only costs £24.95 plus the calls package. We should be on Fiber35 at £22 giving me a guaranteed speed of 30Mbps.

My question is simple.



Or, should I keep going? I have missed out so much! This, is brief and short.

Best wishes


(My mobile number can be found in this profile and it should be in the notes you have for us, call that if you must it ends in 3319. If you call dad he will tell you to call me. Simple.)


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It must be a day of miracles, I actually have an engineer in my home installing the box etc. Hopefully the external wiring will be sorted too. 😁

If it ain't broke, fix it anyway!

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just a quick update for the OCE staff on the forum, I am currently in contact with someone dealing with this. So no need for assistance from you at this current time, things are finally looking up 🙂

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thats funny cause they answered an alt account

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@Dzeet, your thread is in a queue. We can't get staff to pick your posts out of the system.....


We don't have a hotline to the staff other than escalating the thread to ensure it is in their workflow. 


Literally every post you add has slowed its progress because the automated system thinks it's been answered. I can't do anything more to hurry this up for you, but you can help it reach staff by NOT posting further!


If complaints are already with head office, staff on the forum cannot intervene. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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7 working days later and still no rely from an OCE, complaints still registered but not heard at the call center. No one has called me back yet, The queue system sucks as others have been answered. My account is marked as vulnerable and it says in BOLD LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THIS FORUM "we're therefore prioritising our most vulnerable customers first".


Not if you complain. LMAO

I'm betting in a months time I wont' get a rely from an OCE, just those helpful community stars helping them out with the best of intentions.

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@monkeybusiness69 Sadly I feel your pain.

Trust me if I could move to ANY other ISP I would. It is clearly what they want me to go, unfortunately my father is rather old and has been classed as vulnerable by TT customer service due to his hearing and other issues. No perks there. Sadly he refuses to change phone numbers, which, should not be an issue as we should be able to transfer it. Unfortunately TT would not let us move back in December for reasons unknown to this day, nearly loosing his number. So he can't risk it. If it was me I would be already gone 😞


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I'm a new customer coming from Virgin Media and was meant to have mine installed on the 20th May. Engineer rang on the day 30 mins past the install deadline and said they couldn't do it as they needed a bucket lift to climb the pole. Without boring you too much he said someone would get in touch, well no one got in touch until 5 days later when I had to chase them up.


I gave 30 days notice on Virgin Media which is due to shut down any day now and I'm told I have to get in touch with TalkTalk on the 28th to find out if Open Reach have any intelligence! In short it won't be done on the 28th that's for sure. But I've realised why the price is so cheap at TalkTalk, you really get what you pay for. Poor quality service is what you pay for so don't hold your breath if you expect TalkTalk to sort your issues out. I'm going to stick with Virgin Media, it's a little pricey but you get what you pay for, QUALITY. Now I'm off to have some fun on Trustpilot.

If it ain't broke, fix it anyway!

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Still waiting for a call that was due yesterday from complaints and still waiting for someone from the forum to get a member of staff from head office to contact me. looks like I now need to complain about complaints like I thought I would have to.
My hands are tied, if it has to go on forever then it will. I can not go away like you would like me to.

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@Dzeet, no they can't today. 


Your thread is in the queue for attention. 


I have just escalated it. Posting further will delay its progress in the automated workflow, so please give this time to reach them.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Dad wants to be famous, I just want it sorted out, and someone to listen so we can head in the right direction, So again can someone contact me from head office today Please as Im not sure if I'm willing to waste another day trying to fix my problems that you caused in the first place!

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I'll re-escalate this thread, @Dzeet.


Please don't post further before getting a reply from staff. 


Look out for a response later in the week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@martswain cool thanks for the tip, that is the same as their complaints procedure, tech, customer service, orders management, accounts customer complaints that does not exist. literally! I wonder if 4 months of compensation, 2 breaches of contract and a bill from the ombudsman for £500 will do the trick? or do I need to up my game even further to get a response?

@Gliwmaeden2 They have the landline number too. everything is covered on my end, they just don't want to help me as it is all getting out of hand!

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@Dzeet, a mobile phone number in your community forum profile details is not going to link your forum ID to My Account. 


Ensure that the correct landline number is in there.


Otherwise forum staff cannot look into anything for you, nor can they escalate it.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Dzeet  as no OCE has replied, tagging a random one will not ensure a prompt reply.




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@Chris-TalkTalk today please

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p.s. They do not have a number listed anywhere on google that I can find so a suggestion to call them is mute.

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Can Someone get Head office to call me on my mobile which is in this profile ASAP. the latest gets even better and customer service has proved they cannot help and I am going to have to take this further. How much further is up to you.

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I'm not expecting a phonecall from forum staff, I am expecting to find a way forward. Everyone I speak to can't help, maybe they can get someone to call me. Hence me giving my number, I appreciate this is a forum not a call center. But this can be referenced for every call I make in the future till it is sorted.
I am so tired of repeating myself.

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@Dzeet no forum staff ever call customers.


Your best bet is to open a formal complaint and deal with someone from the UK based CEO office.