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Cancellation info mismatch

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Good Afternoon.


I recently cancelled my talktalk services which will end on the 6th of March. Both the email and confirmation letter I received have a section on them which states "you're keeping your talktalk landline number", this is incorrect. I spoke to the cancellation department for a second time to make sure that the landline and fibre are being disconnected at the same time and was told that it was going to be both but the operator seemed vague and I have not had that in writing. Please can you confirm that both services will be connected on the 6th of March as we no longer require a landline. This was emphasized to the initial chat operator and the subsequent cancellation department operator. I can provide call dates and times if required and have the chat log saved if needed. Many thanks. Steve


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Hi smhsmh


I can can confirm the your service will fully disconnect in march, once we cancel the line all services are stopped. 


Sorry for any confusion.