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Constant Dropouts and trouble connecting Windows Devices

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I've been with TalkTalk around a week now and have, so far, been very unimpressed with the service as I get constant dropouts (it's dropped out 5...6...7 times in the short time I've been trying to write this post. I've now given up and I'm using my mobiles hotspot!) and I'm having trouble with connecting on all Windows devices.


Before joining TalkTalk I was with Sky Broadband for around 2 years and it was flawless. However, the prices went up and I found that TalkTalk offered the fastest speeds at the cheapest prices. I was warned by family members and friends not to join TalkTalk because of their unreliability but thought I would take the risk as they were so cheap. I should have listened!


So, due to my work, I'm lucky enough to have multiple devices on multiple different platforms with additional Smart Home appliances connected (Nest Thermostat, LG TV, Yi Cameras, Smart Plugs, Nest Home Hubs, etc). All the Apple products and Smart Home appliances seem to connect fine (I'm assuming they connect the 5GHz?) All windows laptops and Chromebooks have trouble connecting and keep dropping out (assuming 2.4GHz?). feels a little embarrassing, to say the least!


On top of that, the Wifi Home Hub keeps dropping the connection. We're not talking now and again, it's every 10 minutes! This is not good enough and, as I have had such a stable connection from Sky I'm gobsmacked at how terrible this is.


Luckily, TalkTalk does state while signing up that you can leave if you're not satisfied within the first 30 days. I'm not satisfied but can they fix these issues with minimal input from me? Looking on the forum it seems not, but I'm willing to give them a chance as they're cheap.


Support Team
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Hi chiggity


Apologies for the delay.


I can see that my colleague has sent you a Private Message in regards to this fault.