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Disconnected Broadband yet again

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why is this service so bad ?


I'm less than a mile from the exchange and a few yards from the cabinet yet the service has been getting consistently slower and slower for ages.


so once again I have the mysterious no Internet situation, completely disconnects, no website is contactable.


But log onto the router and it says that it is connected at 67mps (which is inaccurate )


run a line check and it says everything is fine, again completely untrue, I work in network engineering in both business and domestic premises so I kinda know what I’m doing so please don’t offend my intelligence by asking me to perform dancing monkey tricks such as restarting the router, use test sockets etc because I have done everything you are about to ask me

to do and more.


we have a single NTE5 combined master with no other internal wiring.

have tried with test socket and 2 separate new filters.


When this happens the router settings page will usually show connection and sync with the exchange and show an external IP, but it’s not actually got a connection beyond the exchange, Usually it only stays off for a few minutes but occasionally it does this and will not come back up without a line reset.


I have Tested with Disabled wifi and use a single eth cable to a certified good laptop and exactly the same, 


So this implies that the fault is with the exchange.


When it does it I can Run a speed test and it will show no connection, but run a “live connection test and it says “Good news—you've got a healthy broadband connection”


but what is the full test path for this test ? From the exchange to here is not the issue, it’s my connection from the exchange out that’s faulty. Although again this so called Live test is not live, my router says disconnected and has done for the last 40 minutes yet the Live test says I have a healthy connection, again a bit of a joke, if it’s not a real live test that’s actually testing the connection to the router then change the name of it.



I do not need an engineer to visit the property, I need an engineer to visit the exchange and finally sort this out, but firstly you need to reset the line so that I at least have a working broadband connection again as this is usually the only way to get it going again when it stays off for more than a few minutes.

I’ve had a letter this week telling me that the in contract price is going up again, I have been with TalkTalk for 16 years at this property and our business lines for about 8 and I’m about to jump ship.


my FTTC when first connected gave me sync speeds and Speedtest results of around 78mps, now I get a sync speed of 67 and a real world Speedtest of about 59, price has gone up, speed has come down, QOS is beyond a joke.


The  service used to be called 80-20 and now they call it fibre 65, just another example of how loyal customers get walked all over. Sort it out.






Support Team
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Hi Pat,


I'm sorry to hear this and I will take a look now. I've run a test on the line which is clear and the sync speed looks very consistent. Would it be possible to run a wired speed test using the TalkTalk Speed Tester so we can see how your throughput speeds compare please?





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Thanks, and yes that was the good thing about the increase letter, especially as our contract has over a year left.

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Hi @Pat-Ramsgate at least with the price increase notification in hand you can jump ship without charge.

Your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon but please remember that the staff here work office hours.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.