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Don't understand this but....

Whizz Kid
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....on Sunday my mother lost her phone line but the Internet was still working. After a call to TT an engineer came out, same day, and fixed the problem. Apparently it was corroded connections up a pole. After the engineer had left I did  a speed test and it had dropped to 13.5 whatevers (she's on faster fibre with speed boost), so I called TT again did tests and monitored it for 24 hours but it was still the same. So I took my router (same) and connected that and the speed went up to about 40, changed back to my mother's router and all is good, 40ish downloads again. Even the chap on the phone couldn't understand how this had happened.

Just something to try if your speeds drop. 


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Thanks @Debbie-TalkTalk, I'll keep an eye on it. 

Support Team
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Hi crazydad


Thanks for your post.


If the speed does drop again it would be worth powering down your router for a full 30 minutes and then running another speed test.