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Faster fibre and speed boost

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What does fibre speed boost offer extra if you have faster fibre. The agent that sold me my new contract said that the boost should increase my speed to around 76mbps. Does this sound accurate. With out the boost I’m getting 32 to 35mbps on faster fibre. The boost and promised speed increases was the thing that made me decide to renew the contract. I was otherwise on my way to sky.


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Router off all night. Speed no different on restart.


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I will try that when I go to bed tonight. If I was to turn off any other time there would be hell to pay

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Did you try switching the router off for over 30 minutes ?

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The speed boost is active confirmed in my account. I contacted tech support tonight and They agree that my line can handle 80 mbps and I should have minor 67mbps,  they say it could be due to me using a third party router. So installed original TT router , no improvement, tech guy then says firm ware needs updating, update failed,. He offers me a new router for £30. I say if my router can’t update then I should receive a replacement FOC . His manager was off today so he can’t authorise a router FOC. Return call booked for Monday with his manager. 
why all this hassle I should just have gone to Sky.


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If you log into 'My Account' does it show that the speed boost is active on your account.


If so then it would be worth switching your router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will start a new session in the street cabinet, this can sometimes make it pick up the faster speed profile.


If that doesn't help then post back here and the staff will be able to 'reset' some things on your connection that should hopefully then increase your speed.

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The BT site says my line can handle speeds up to 80mbps. So I should have a noticeable speed increase. This does not seem to be the case is there anything I need to do or is this something TT need to turn on.


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Hi @bondi699 ,


Regular faster fibre is capped to a maximum of 40mbps, the speed boost just removes that cap and would allow speeds of up to 80mbps.


The speed boost should only be made available to you if your line is capable of speeds well over 40mbps, because if your line can't support speeds over 40mbps then adding the boost would be pointless and would give you no improvement in speed.


You could use this site to get an indication of the maximum speeds that BT thinks your phone line could support.


So it is only worth adding speed boost if your current connection is hitting the 40mbps cap (40mbps is the cap for the router sync speed, actual download speeds will always be a few mbps below this), how are you currently testing your speed, is it from a wired or wireless device. It is always best to do it from a wired device to get an accurate reading of the true speed your router can download at.


If your router was able to connect at the full 40mbps you are currently entitled to then you would hope to get (wired) speeds a little faster than you are currently getting, probably more like 35-38.


The maximum speed your line can support is totally dependent on the length of line between your home and the street cabinet that it connects to :