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Fibre 150: What happens on Activation Day?

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I have an "Estimated Go Live" date of the 10th of this month. I received my router and I'm able to plug it in, switch it on etc. Although very strangely it did not come with all the contents advertised in the box.
It came with the Hub, power supply and two ethernet cables (one white/grey and one yellow, which both seem identical as far as I can tell). The box says I should have a micro filter, but I don't. Is this is a mistake or do they know something about my property that means I don't need one? The box mentions pre-filtered sockets and I'm not too sure if I have one or not. 
If I plug everything in right now the Hub will flash orange endlessly. This makes sense to me as it hasn't been "activated" yet, so my question is what happens on activation day? Will my box suddenly start working, will someone be coming into my home to do something? Most of all I'm just wondering how I get help if nothing happens on Friday. 
Thanks a lot!