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Frequent Connection Problems - Not a Speed Issue!

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I joined TalkTalk on fibre in November and I have had major connection issues since then. I have had a fibre connection for over 4 years, first with BT and then with Sky for 3 years. The speed hasn't always been perfect but the issues were never so significant that I felt there was a need to investigate. When TalkTalk took over the line, we lost our connection for a day. As soon as we were reconnected I noticed there was an issue.

There are a few symptoms:

  • Very often when I’m trying to load a webpage in a browser, the page never loads or takes a long time. I often have to refresh the page multiple times and eventually the page will load perfectly.
  • Lots of webpages contain content which is dynamically loaded. Very often the content doesn’t load and I will be shown a progress indicator such as a spinning wheel (depending on the site) indefinitely. I believe the issue there is the same as above, it’s just presented in a different way due to the different technologies being used. Again I often have to refresh the page a few times and eventually the content will load correctly.
  • We have Netflix on an Apple TV and very often a video will not play. Sometimes the pause is short (but still annoying), sometimes it’s much longer (over a minute) and sometimes I give up waiting and have to try again, including by force quitting the app. When the video does play, it runs perfectly fine, in HD and rarely does it stop playing or buffer, this issue is only with it starting. When we have finished watching something we very often have the same issue again with the next episode and have to keep trying until it works. Other times I can fire up the Apple TV, press play and it works just fine.

This issue is nothing to do with speed, we get a solid ~30 Mbps and when things load, they load very fast. It’s an intermittent problem which causes server connections to never be made. That’s not speed, it’s something else.


The issues are affecting every device on the network (wired and wireless), this includes:

  • Mine and my partner’s phones
  • Our laptops
  • My desktop
  • My iPad
  • The Apple TV

I contacted TalkTalk by phone a few days after we were connected and I was asked to wait 10 days from when the connection went live as hopefully the issue would correct itself. It didn’t so I called back after that time and had a couple of very infuriating conversations with the agents. One lady, after describing things more or less as above and repeatedly telling her it’s not a speed issue, said to me “So let me just clarify, you log into a website like Facebook, then after a while you click something and you’re logged out of Facebook?”. I never described anything like that to her. I spoke to another agent who was apparently more senior, she also said it was a speed issue and kept telling me that the tests they had run from their end all passed. She didn’t seem to understand that just because a test passes it doesn’t mean everything is okay, it means the tests aren’t able to see the issue because they’re not good enough. She said she would raise it further but I heard nothing more since.


I’m an engineer and app developer so I know a little about this stuff, but I’m not a network engineer so don’t know enough to analyse this deeper. However, I know this issue is caused by the network and not an issue within the house because:

  1. As I have described above, this issue started the day TalkTalk took over my line and has never occurred in >4 years of prior fibre use and 4 years of broadband before that.
  2. The issues are affecting every device on the network.
  3. The issues do not affect those same devices when they’re connected to other networks such as at my parents’. I often have to turn WiFi off on my phone and use the poor 3G signal at home just to load a page.
  4. I have tried using our old Sky router, the same issue exists with that too.


I work from home and rely on a good network connection to be able to do my job. My work is being majorly impacted as every job takes considerably longer then it needs to do. For example, to upload a new version of an app would normally take ~10 minutes, at the moment it can take over an hour of repeated trying. This is because there are multiple steps involved in this process and if any one of them fails due to this network issue, I have to wait to confirm that it’s definitely not going to work and then start the whole process again. Before Christmas I had 8 app updates (as in 8 different apps) to submit one afternoon and I ended up working into the night and then had to carry on the next day, which was a Saturday, which is supposed to be a day off.


I have found a few threads which might be related (see below) but so far it looks like this issue is outside of my control and I would like it fixed please, it’s just not good enough.


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Hi Leon1234,


Apologies, if you would like us to look into this via the Community then please let us know.





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Hi Michelle, I fail to see how you guys could possibly help when the technical support team haven't been able to do anything so far.


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Hi Leon1234,


I'm really sorry for the delay in responding. Please can you update your forum profile to include your telephone number so that we can look into this further. To do this go into "my settings" then "personal information" then add your details.

Please do not post any personal information on the forum.





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It's now been 13 weeks since starting my contract with TalkTalk and that I have had to put up with this fault. I have been on the phone to TalkTalk over a dozen times and every call I end up getting infuritated with the way the issue is dealt with.


I have created this post in part in case others can help but also to clearly describe the issue so there's no ambiguity. I provided TalkTalk with a link and I have also created a video to demonstrate this problem. Yet every time I talk to someone they describe the issue differently and no one seems to understand what to do.


I've had 2 engineers visit here, one from TalkTalk and one from OpenReach. Neither could find the fault but both agreed there was a problem and both said that it would need to be investigated by a different department. According to their tests there's nothing wrong with my line itself, there's a problem at the TalkTalk end.


I'm at the point where I just want to exit the contract and go elsewhere.


Support Team
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Hi Leon1234,


Thanks for the update and please let us know if you need any assistance 🙂





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Hi Leon good news that things are in hand for you, the team here are very good so feel free to return should things not go to plan
I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Yes it was marked as spam for 3 days. Anyway I will refrain from updating my community profile right now, I'm very particular about my data and as my complaint is currently being investigated there's no further action needed.

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No - system worked fine since I had it installed in  2013.  Then suddenly went bonkers after I had been on holiday for a fortnight when it had not been used at all.  Took some time to get it sorted, not helped by the fact taht each time Openreach did something TT wnated to know if it had been fixed immediately whereas I took about a week before the speed started dropping again so if I wasnt careful they shut the job down.  Also front desk insist that all checks are made each time you ring up before they will pass you to a manager and each manager then has to have the problem explained over again.  I asked if they ever read their own notes.....  I have no idea if the socket was responsible for the finished result - it may be that TT sent me 2 duff routers before the latest one sorted the whole issue.  Anyway I am very happy with the result.  All the best


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Hi Leon, your message seems to have slipped through the net. I've flagged it for assistance and you should hear shortly. In the meantime please check your community profile and add your landline phone number it is used to identify your account and can NOT be viewed by other than tt .
I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Did your issues start when TalkTalk took over the line? I'd be surprised if there was an issue with the socket in my house, it was installed only 8 years ago and my issues started only when TalkTalk took over.


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I had this sorted - it was a combination of landline socket number 1 which the Openreach man replaced.  Mine came into the house and went quite a distance with multistrand cable which aparently degrades over time before reaching my router. He put in another socket with single strand wire.  That solved the speed dropping issues but not the page wait issues.  Talk talk sent me a third router (HG33 I think) and that solved those issues too.