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Full Fibre CAT 6

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I have  a CAT 6 network installed in my house. The Engineers who visit (twice) to install a Full Fibre (FF) upgrade say they can't tie into it and leave without doing anything. I've asked for a competent engineer to  visit because it would seem a simple thing to do. I learned that "can't agree route" is the reason reported to TALK TALK for the failed installations when the engineers who visited promised me they would get someone out who knew how to link FF to CAT 6 .

The modem is located in the centre of the house, to run FF cable to it without using the CAT 6  is near impossible.

I want FF to tie into existing CAT 6. I think it just needs the optical modem (ONT) to be placed where the FF enters the house and use the existing CAT 6 to connect to the router at middle of the house. How can I find an Engineer to do this?

EddyHeavy Moonraker

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Hi eddyheavy,


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


Michelle 🙂



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Any installation is only going to follow a standard process i.e. ONT and a single router directly connected to that. If you go ahead on that basis then presumably you can rejig the setup yourself afterwards to utilise your internal ethernet network.