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Internet constantly dropping due to firmware update

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My house for the past couple days had been having problems with our internet connection dropping intermittently. I went onto TalkTalk and live chatted with the support team yesterday afternoon, who told me to reset the router. It worked fine for a few hours until just before 1am then it once again started dropping the connection every couple minutes.


I soon realised that these problems were similar to what happened to me almost a year back and that was fixed with a firmware update.


Lo and behold I managed to get access to my user log for the router and concidentally these problems started immediately after a router firmware update to v1.08t on the 14th. I seems the update has caused a problem with the connectivity


I've attached the user log txt file for my router.




2024-02-14 01:03:23 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104509,AlarmLevel:Error,Software upgrading.Terminal:ACS
2024-02-14 01:04:03 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104885,AlarmLevel:Error,Software successfully upgraded. Source version: v1.06t. Terminal:ACS
2024-02-14 01:04:03 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Cmd:Run Download task 3
2024-02-14 01:04:04 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: [0], Terminal:ACS
1981-01-01 00:00:32 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:302886,AlarmLevel:Error,Current source version: v1.08t
2024-02-14 01:04:58 [Critical][Run-Log] Time synchronized successfully, uptime:[42s], src:[3], app:[sntp], pid:[2969]
2024-02-14 01:05:39 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Type:Set,InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer:,ConnectionRequestUsername:userid,ConnectionRequestPassword:-
2024-02-14 01:05:44 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: [0], Terminal:OTHER




As you can see the first drop in connectivity started right after the update.


If possible can you rollback the update to the previous version.


Edit: Forgot to add my router version is DG8041W-2.T5


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Hi DBrannan


Thank you for letting me know 🙂




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Just been down to the post office.


The Router and its accessories should be on its way and reach you soon.

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HI DBrannan


I'm so glad to hear this, thanks for letting me know.


Please can you return the other router using the pre paid returns bag.


Thanks again.



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Hi Debbie-TalkTalk


It’s been 48 hours since the firmware update, and I haven’t experienced a single disconnection during that time.


So I will consider the matter fixed.


Now, with that done, what do you want me to do with the replacement router now that I no longer need it?

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Hi DBrannan


How's the connection been since your last post?


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Hi DBrannan


Thank you.


Please let us know how you get on.


I would suggest keeping hold of the new router just whilst you are testing the connection just in case you would prefer to swap the routers.


Thanks again.


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Alright I'll test the next 24-48 hours and see how things are and report any problems on the connection.


If things work properly after that, do you want me to use the postage bag that came with the replacement router to send said replacement router and equipment back?


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Hi DBrannan


All done, please can you retest today for me?

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I can wait for the update, I'm here all day.

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Hi DBrannan


Apologies again, as we are still waiting on the firmware to be rolled back to the correct version, would you prefer to use the new router instead?


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Ok I'm ready for the update.


Also, what should I do with the replacement router and accessories? Should I still use it or should I send it back with the bag that it came with?


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Hi DBrannan


I'm really sorry about this.


The team told me they were rolling back to 1.06. I will speak to them now.


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V1.05 always had that problem, back then the solution was to upgrade to V1.06. I am surprised that it was not rolled back to V1.06. I'll ask @Debbie-TalkTalk to see if it can be upgraded again to that version.

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Unfortunately, it was not to be. I experienced multiple disconnections on Friday and over the weekend.


All the errors that came back were the same:
1981-01-01 00:00:10 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: System reset due to kernel panic, Terminal:OTHER


So it seems like the problem has gone from occurring once every few minutes to once every couple/few hours (in some parts of the user log, I see it disconnecting every hour or so).


The firmware version I'm using, according to the Wifi-Hub, is Version v1.05t.


I've had the same problem as this several months back, and what TalkTalk did back then to fix it was update it to 1.06t.


I received the replacement router today (Saturday), but I haven't installed it yet because of the message you sent on Friday about rolling back the firmware of the old router. So do you still want me to install the replacement router, or are you still searching for alternative solutions?



I decided to write a brief summary about how the internet connection performed over the weekend. This was with the old router.


Other than the late-night/early-morning disconnects, the connection remained stable. I didn't notice any drops in the connection between 6 AM and the rest of Saturday, up until 5 AM on Sunday, when the connection dropped twice within an hour.


As mentioned, the connection dropped twice in the early hours for the same reasons mentioned earlier. It then remained stable from the morning until around 6:20 PM, when it once again dropped. It then dropped again three hours later. It remained stable for the rest of Sunday.


While rolling back the firmware from V1.08 to V1.05 helped it didn't completely fix the problem.


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Hi @DBrannan 


Sorry, change of plan. The team have rolled your firmware back to test.


Could you retest for me and let me know how the connection compares?


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Hi DBrannan


Yes please, but as long as we receive the router and power adapter that's the main thing.


Thank you.


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Ok I will do so.


Do you want the old cables back as well?


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Hi DBrannan


Please can you use all the new equipment that comes with the new router and return the old router using the pre paid returns bag (this should be in the same box/bag as the new router)


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Ah ok


What should I do with the old router and whatever wires that originally came with it once the new one's arrived?


Do I use the same wires from the old router or use the ones that'll come with the new router?


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Hi DBrannan


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Our Devices Team didn't specify why we couldn't roll back, they just advised me to replace your router, sorry.