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Internet disconnection

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It’s been months that my connection keeps dropping. I have fibre to the cabinet which is not that far. BT engineer says all is Good, just ‘profile’ too low. First time tbe new router resolve the issue. Since then 2 new routers and no improvement. I have a business account and rely on my connection. No mobile network.

i have done regular speed tests. Big variation: from 70 to 14. UL has even been as low as 0.0. 
i have a static IP as I have a home server. 
TT agents absolutely not helpful to resolve the issue: have tried to switch to 2.4 GHz today as the range is also bad (at some places -82)

i need to decide if I need to leave TT.

what can you advise? 


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If you have a TalkTalk Business account then you won't get support here I'm afraid, this community is for domestic customers only. You need to reach out to TTB directly: