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Fibre 65, free upgrade to FTTP by City Fibre install, missing Speedhub 2 router

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Good Evening,

Re: Fibre 65, free upgrade to FTTP by City Fibre install, missing Speedhub 2 router.


Yesterday we had a very unpleasant experience. City Fibre engineers arrived on schedule in the afternoon for a few hours. The cabling was not fitted where we would have wanted. We would have preferred external wall cabling as we will be re-plastering and probably remove the fibre cabling. However the modem was fitted in an "agreed" location. The engineers did not respect our wishes or property. Given that we are in our late fifties, this was an unwanted intrusion into our home and the mess was not tidied. Engineers left us with a modem with 4 green lights but no working fibre internet connection. They left us still unresolved, with no telephone connected. They did not even ask.


So we spent most of today chatting with AI bots online and a few humans, via the old copper line connection and mobile phone data to eventually resolve a working 75mb connection on the Fibre 65 by FTTP that we pay for.

A factory reset of the router and something technical at the TalkTalk end.


The telephone wouldn't connect to VOIP, even with the ethernet adapter previously provided by the City Fibre engineer.

However after many conversations it turns out we need another router, a Speedhub 2 not a Speedhub standard router. Apparently this should have been supplied and sent to us.


The TalkTalk chat agent told us to call 0800 230 0647 to a TalkTalk order management team.

With no working telephone...

Using a mobile the I called and the automatic voice offered 2 choices for "my customer", I am now very confused and tired of the whole experience.

I guess I have to order a thing that I don't know about.


Can anyone please help?



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I'm really glad to hear this and thanks for letting us know 🙂





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I received the Speedhub 2 wifi router yesterday evening, then this afternoon followed your setup instructions and the telephone is now working through the router via VOIP for the first time. All is good. Thank you.

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We'll check back in with you on Monday to see how you're getting on.




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Thank you very much, this was helpful!



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Hi Chris,

Thanks that would be great, do you have all my details, address etc?




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Hi MajorBash67,


I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue, I've ordered a wifi hub 2, it should be with you within a couple of days



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See the full instructions for this,  @MajorBash67:


Plugging in the phone is the easy bit!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.