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Leaving Talktalk Fibre 150 and landline

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My current contract for Fibre150 and 24/7 landline calls is £35. My renewal offer for the same package is £54.95. 

Obviously this is unacceptable and I'm looking for another supplier.

I've been with TT for years through thick and thin (Dido Harding times) so I'm not sure of how to go about this. 

From what I can gather my new supplier will contact TT and the changeover should be fairly seamless. Is this correct ?

p.s. I'm in the process of moving e-mails to another supplier so I don't have to pay TT to keep my ones alive.




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Thanks for the detailed heads up.

After checking situation out with other suppliers I went back to Talktalk and explained the situation as I just couldn't afford the steep increase.

New offer came back very quickly - no need to mention other offers - same price for the same deal as before. I'm with TT for at least another two years.

I just wish they'd be more upfront about what happens when we have to go VOIP. "Once the infrastructure has been finalized in your area you will be getting an email of the options available to you."


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It's best not to leave the responsibility of cancelling the Talktalk service to the new supplier any more, @Grumpyolduser.


Talktalk itself recommends that you always call:




You need to phone them by 6pm today or wait till they reopen on Tuesday. 


Don't use Chat to cancel. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.