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Line speed

First Timer

Had issues with this for a bit now, except now it’s effecting my tv picture quality on prime. Netflix and sky sports , HD seems to be SD and it’s starting to annoy me a tad as I have fast fibre with a speed boast 

thoughts guys? 


Your Line Speed

Est. speed: 52 Mb - 80 Mb
Measured speed today: 48 Mb

Community Star

That speed is more than enough for HD streaming and could easily support 4K. Is it just TV viewing that you notice any issues with, or using the internet more generally? Is this happening with just wireless connections, or wired also?

First Timer

It seems to be with the lnternet on occasion too upstairs it drops from full bars , I know I have enough upload and download speed as Netflix loads up super quick and I’ve done a speed check which indicates in very good speed wise,  it’s just the picture just ain’t right and also on ocassion the picture will go seemingly a bit dull in HD you get that bright glowing picture , mine is not like that at all , also mine is a wired connection internet and tv wise if I’m making sense there 

Any ideas 




Community Star

Is it just on the one TV, or are you seeing similar issues on other devices?

First Timer

It’s just the tv that’s the issue 

Community Star

Well it may well be worth looking deeper into that e.g. all software and apps up to date etc. What make/model/age is it? 

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