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Missed appointment - no contact from TT - cancelled my broadband

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I ordered Fibre 65 - unfortunately I missed the engineer appointment due to missing the email regarding him arriving. I received NO further communication about him coming - no SMS on the day, no email regarding a missed appointment - nothing.

Meanwhile, my router had come and it had started to work a few days prior. I never thought twice about it needing further work from an engineer, as we had been using it since with no issues at all.


Fast forward to today - flashing amber light, and it says 'cancelled' on my fibre product on my account. Customer service was absolutely useless and just put me on hold for an hour then cut me off entirely once they had closed.

Now I'm left with no broadband, no reason as to why they didn't communicate with me, and no resolution. Why did they not text me on the day? It clearly states they will. They also now said I need to purchase a brand new product and I cannot just get another engineer out as they have cancelled the entire order. 

Never encounter this before with any company. 


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Hi Arne,


Just confused as to why I never received a text on the day? Radio silence from your end since I purchased the fibre. And why was it working fine for 2 weeks? 

I have decided to go with Sky sadly - never had an issue with their service or their product. That experience left us with a sour taste. We work from home, so couldn't do anything at all and had to spend £70 + on a temporary solution through our phone networks. Thought I'd give TalkTalk the benefit of the doubt and try them.





Support Team
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Hi Jduff


im really sorry for the problems you have encountered, the line is showing there is a cancel request progressing to complete on the 26th  At that point a new order can be placed. 


Once again im really sorry that this has happened.