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Hi Guys and Gals 


I've just received my new eero 6 router, I have fibre to the property which is a box under the stairs, I prefer to use a hard wire to my desktop rather than a Wi-Fi connection, how is this possible with only 2 ports on the back. This to most is probably a very stupid question but when you don't have a clue, you don't have a clue !!



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Great to see that worked for you, thanks for the feedback.  🙂

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Hi ya buddy


i was in the same position 10 days ago after going onto full fibre and knowing that the eero 6 only had 2 ethernet ports, one was the line in from the ont leaving one. knowing i needed at least 3 ethernet conections i purrchased a netgear unmanned ethernet switch off of amazzon at 20 quid which gives you 4 working ports for ethernet conections which are gigabit conections.


My son set mine up and took 15 minutes so eero 6 into port 5 of the switch plug it in and uve got 4 ethernet ports.


All plug and play everything works great



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If you require extra ports then buy an ethernet switch, widely and cheaply available at various outlets e.g.