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Speed Boost FAIL

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Added the Speed Boost, then TR069 decided to reduce my speed from 80/20 to it's current speed of 60/19.  what is it with Talk-Talk where they can charge the same price & give you a speed your used to then reduce it slowly over the past 24 hours.  


I wouldn't mind the reduction of 1 - 5Mbps, but a full 20Mbps Reduction this is silly I agreed to add the speed boost and will pay for it but not for this unjustified speed amount reduction.  


You at Talk Talk are meant to be keeping your prices low and speeds constant, how wrong is that situation.  your going the same way a supermarkets do by reducing the weight of a product but keeping the price the same or raising it Sort this out please.  


Support Team
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Hi steve,


I'm sorry to hear this. Was your connection unstable prior to the change in speed?





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That's the way fibre DLM works.


Starts off at the best speed available and then reduces sync if there are errors and/or stability issues.


As long as your download speed is above the minimum guaranteed speed advised to you when the took the boost, then you cannot complain.


That's the reality of having a service over a crappy old phone line that was never designed to handle anything but voice.