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I currently have the TT Fibre 65 (FTTC) service with a throughput of 72Mb/s down and 18Mb/s up. I am perfectly happy with it as it does all I need and has been stable and reliable.

Before renewing my contract in June I did consider moving to full fibre, but according to MyAccount just data only services were available at my address (no VOIP) so it was a non-starter.

My land line number is currently held by so many organisations such as doctor, hospital, financial institutions etc. I decided to stick with what I had for the near future.

I received a letter from TT dated 11 August regarding a free upgrade of my service to Full Fibre with Digital Voice with no change to my current contract, bill, or telephone number. This is despite MyAccount still showing no VOIP available as an upgrade.

According to the letter my current broadband and telephone service will stop working on the 30 November 2023 unless I upgrade. Strange that my contract ends in December 2024 and no mention of this was made when renewing. The alternative was to switch to another provider without termination charges, so no real choice.

I subsequently received a text from Openreach on the 1 September to which I confirmed an appointment to upgrade on the 30 October.

There is still no information regarding the pending upgrade in My Account such as an order number, new router for VOIP etc. Is this normal as I have a feeling this all might go pear shaped and I will end up with no broadband, no router, and no telephone?

Can someone please confirm that VOIP is available at my address and that the upgrade will happen?


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They don't tell you until they are actually available. 


Even when it's seemingly available there can be hitches with availability of engineers etc.


One step at a time!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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But when? The systems are not keen to discuss dates.


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When Full Fibre becomes available in your area you would likely be offered a free upgrade, and there are not complications if it happens mid contract. It's happening all over the country, so systems are in place, including managing landlines for vulnerable customers, @WeeGeorge.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Like wise in my street Virgin and Swish keep themselves busy, ducting and try to sell FTTC and all that comes with it. So when will TT (aka Open Reach);follow them? Plus all are vague  about what happens Jan 2027 for those not converted? Or where I have an outstanding contract. These are likely to be vulnerable people.


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No problem. The communication between My Account and the FTTP ordering system is still being worked on. 


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Thanks @Arne-TalkTalk and  @ferguson ,

Puts my mind at rest to some extent but why is there nothing in MyAccount to keep customers informed?

Anyway, thanks again.

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Hi Softy


I can confirm that the order is including VOIP the go live date is the 30th, the equipment will be sent shortly before, you should also begin receiving further SMS's from Openreach closer to the install date.


It all looks to be progressing normally. 




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I understand your anxiety, but you have specifically been told that your upgrade will include VoIP. That is not to say that there will not be any hiccups along the way, but the support team here will be happy to advise and help throughout the process, should it be needed.