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Using my old DG8041W router as an access point

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I recently had the fibre upgrade and new FAST 5464-2.T4 router, rather than throw away my old DG8041W, i thought i'd recylce it as an access point in the kitchen where my wifi coverage is spotty. 


Have connected it to the new router's LAN to via ethernet cable to the WAN port, logged in to the new router's IP address and found the new IP address for the old router, but whenever I try to login there to change settings, the new ip address times out. What am I missing here?


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Hi @Tombfowler 


Do you still need help with this?


Would you like me to switch the WIFI optimisation off first?


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Thanks @KeithFrench


@Tombfowler  Would you like me to switch the WIFI optimisation off first?


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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk the HTML link of your Internet is not working AGAIN 


Hi @Tombfowler 


I assume that you want to keep everything on the same subnet ( It is best to configure the DG8041W before connecting it to the Sagemcom. First, give it an IP address outside of the DHCP address range configured in the 5464. Then disable the DHCP server in the Huawei, set all SSIDs & passwords up the same & using a WiFi analyser, to work out the best channels for both routers. You may want to get WiFi optimisation disabled on the 5464.

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Unless you've changed it previously, it's quite likely that the LAN IP is set the same in both routers -


The LAN Host Configuration Primary IP in the DG8041 needs to be different ( say, ) to prevent an IP conflict.


The easiest way to do this is to connect it to your PC with an ethernet cable and SWITCH OFF your main Sagemcom router. When you've changed the Primary IP you can switch your main router back on and connect the Huawei in the way you intended.

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Hi Tombfowler


@keithfrench provides really good advice on improving wireless performance. Could you help please Keith?


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