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Wanting to upgrade to Fibre but getting mixed messages?

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Hi - I moved last November (just down the street), and was told by the Home Move team that we had to downgrade from Fibre 65 to the lowest Fast Broadband.  The Home Move Team said that it would only be temporary, and that in a few months we'd be able to go back to Fibre when availability allowed, and we wouldn't be charged any more for it. The Openreach engineer who got us set up when we moved in to the new place also said that whoever lived here before us had Fibre, and was surprised that we didn't too. 


We've gone from regular speeds of 60 Mbps to 3-5 Mbps (on a good day), and we're really struggling. In that time, my bill's gone up an extra £3 a month, so I'm now paying what I did before, but for a tenth of the speed. And now my renewal is due on 6th November and it'll be another extra £3 a month on top of that for the same thing. 


I've called up regularly and every single time I've been told there's no availability, that we can't upgrade to even the lowest Fibre package, that they can't give a time scale, but to keep checking back. However in my renewal email, I've been offered an upgrade to Fibre 65 for a very similar price - assuming that if I click through and order this it will bounce back and I'll be told I can't have it? 


I've even tried Openreach's Fibre Checker and it says that 'Superfast Fibre Broadband' (FTTC) with speeds 25-43Mbps is available at my address, so we should at the very least be able to get the slowest Fibre package, right?


What am I missing here? Can I get Fibre, or can't I? And if I can't, why not? 



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Hi bmlr95 


Sorry for the problems you have had.  


I can see there is now a cease on the line, sorry this has led you to cancel.






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Hi @bmlr95 that's a disappointing tale. Your post has been escalated and I'm sure the team here will get you sorted. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.