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Good morning , 

I want complain about communication with the talk talk team . I just start from 23.02 new contract. My contract includes: 

*speed 300 mps ( minimum guaranteed 200mps) 

*included TalkTalk tv 

* includes phone call 

* guaranteed no increase price for 24 months- £35

what I have : 

*speed 89 mps , 

* still waiting for my tv box 

* promises price go up , 

when I contact with costumer service they all the time said we try sorted your problem , 

still waiting . How long I must waiting and pay for something what I don’t have . Can anyone help me when I need contact to made complaint and probably finish this bad cooperation .

kind regards



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@Dankutry, a TV box needs to be ordered at the point of sale, so you need to ask them to add it specifically. 


Access to TV services is included in the title of packages, but there's a £5.00 rental charge to pay for their box.


Similarly the phone line is included, but you need to check the specifics of whether you have a boost included, at full price or discounted.


There's an "unlimited" boost that gives you up to an hour on ordinary 01, 02 and 03 numbers and mobiles, any time of day, and also one that just works weekends and evenings:


With both these, emergency calls,  free 0800 nos etc are free anyway.


0845 and 0870, 09... and 070 mobiles would not be free. So NOT ALL CALLS are covered. 


If you have "Fixed Price Plus" you won't have an increase while in contract.


Most curious are the speeds.


Please wait for staff to return after the weekend to check the full details of the contract you are on. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.