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FTTP failed installation

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Hello, I signed up for FTTP and was given a date of 29/04/2024 for the installation, I then received an email saying it's booked for 01/05/2024, I let that be, but when the Openreach engineer came on 01/05/2024, they said my address doesn't have Full Fibre capabilities, that is TalkTalk misselling me a package. On top of that my current fibre 65 package ended and I'm being charged excess amount for my next bill to stay online, I work from home so I need broadband. I spoke to complaints department and was told I will receive a call within 3 days most likely the following's been a whole week and more and no contact whatsoever. I am very appalled by TalkTalk's service. I have been loyal to TT for many years now. I only received a text saying I'll receive an update on 13/05/2024, that is ridiculous, I'm paying £11 more  for a service that should have long been switched to my new package/contract at my new agreed pricing, instead I'm being lied to about a call from a complaints colleague and being ignored by TT. I'm taking this to Ofcom on 14/05/24 with all my proof if I don't receive an update on 13/05/2024 saying it has been fixed and is going live immediately, enough is enough now. I also want my daily compensation of £6.10 for every calendar day that the service didn't go live on the stated go live date. I also want my bill reduced and adjusted correctly to what I would have paid if the go live date was met by TT. Thanks. 


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Not sure why you are mentioning weather at all in your reply, @NxkDxn!


There's always the need for an ONT box to be installed for Full Fibre:


Sounds like there was a muddle about which stage the installation was at when the engineer came.


You did say that you specifically ordered FTTP, which is full fibre. You might well get a very good renewal deal with Talktalk if you phone them up or use Chat, if you want to stick with FTTC at a better price. 


They tend to be sympathetic and give better deals than the offers in My Account. 


You need to check the status of the current order, whether that's going ahead, though.


And if you are wanting to cancel, you MUST phone 03451 720088. 


They will confirm the status of your contract  / order etc.


Don't use Chat to cancel as they have to organise a ring back. They are not authorised to process the cancellation themselves and nor can it be done through the forum.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks and no it definitely isn't a weather problem. It is as I said, the engineer came and said the FTTP infastructure doesn't exist at my address and a black box needs to be installed. 


I'll just leave TT, can't be asked anymore to deal with TT anymore come 14th. Also, I didn't say I specifically need Full Fibre? I need broadband that's not ripping me off. So I can easily leave now that theres no contract right?


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@NxkDxn, how did you put in the original order? Sometimes there are long delays due to lack of availability of engineers etc, but we rarely hear that it's been promised when there's no infrastructure in the area. Possibly a muddle with whether it's to be Openreach or CityFibre etc?


Whatever has happened, it should be possible for staff to check the status of the order for you.


Other than that, they can't look into a complaint that's already in the hands of the Complaints department. 


If there are further problems, OFCOM is not the next step. See the Complaints link at the foot of the page which clearly outlines the procedure. 


Anything to do with billing, post separately in that section of the forum, unless that is also already being addressed by the Complaint. 


However, here is the link re automatic compensation:


It's unlikely that billing issues will be resolved until the Full Fibre issue is resolved (& additionally compensation payments are resolved separately and take c a month to come through after resolution of the problem).


While you are paying the out of contract price, you are free to leave with 30 days' notice and no early termination fees. It really depends whether any ISP can provide a Full Fibre service in the area and how much you immediately need that. 


There is also the option of simply renewing the Fibre65 but you would need to deal directly with the LOYALTY team for that - staff on the forum cannot process either renewals or cancellations. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.