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Leaving Tuesday just had 2 emails welcoming me to Talk Talk

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As it says in the title just had 2 emails welcoming me 5 days before leaving TT has someone pressed the wrong button? 

My contract ends next month being a full time carer at home I don't have time to spend hours on the phone I'm fed up with various firms taking long standing customers (Toucansurf 2005 only changed provider after take overs )for granted so I decided to become a new customer elsewhere for a cheaper deal (Now 100 £11 less same speed)

Can I thank all on here for their time and effort to help folks out I enjoy reading the posts. 




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Glad things are working out for you, eero works for a lot of people and not so good for others.

Glad you're thinking you might return, and that the community is worthwhile.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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2 months on all's fine no problems 

Had my refund for overpayment on my last bill 

Still look at the posts on here as the Sky community isn't as good as this one 

If I come back when I'm up for renewal last thing I want is an Eero don't seem as good as the Hub2 from what I've been reading 


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Thanks for that given my recent experience I will be making sure the receipt from the PO counter is not lost or mislaid for a few months 


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Can you ask the relevant department to send me a returns bag /label haven't got the will to try and get one on the phone 

Pretty poor training if the agent doesn't know what they can and can't access on their bit of the system 

Once again thank you for your help 


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The cease has completed,  the chat agent did not read the notes which specifically state the cease will not show in the usual systems only on FTTP provisioning system , (which they dont have access too, yet).


Sorry for the confusion.

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Will be phoning them in the morning see if they can sort it out 

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You are always advised to double check the cancellation by phoning Talktalk on 03451 720088, @mthorpe2.


Chat is NOT authorised to process it, which is why they say that customers will receive a callback if they try to cancel through them.


Forum staff can only confirm or state otherwise whether it's gone through  - they can't process it for you.





Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Dear Malcolm,

Thank you for your recent contact to TalkTalk.

During this conversation it was noted that you wished to leave TalkTalk and take your service to a new provider.

I am sorry to hear that we may be losing you as a customer, however, for the cease to take place you must inform your new provider that you wish for them to takeover your existing service. Your TalkTalk account will not be ceased until this takes place

You need to confirm with your new provider that they will be placing the cease with us, if not, you will need to contact us back to disconnect your service.

Until this is completed, we will continue to bill you for the service.

We would also like to kindly advise you that cancellation of the Direct Debit instruction cannot be considered as a request to disconnect the account.

Part of the email from earlier today 

Just checked my account my package still showing as expires on the 11th May

I haven't left but at the end chat operator said as you've left early not IF you leave early we will charge you for early termination 



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They don't seem to contradict themselves, @mthorpe2.


They are just covering their backs to make sure that you took the appropriate action with Sky and that you are aware of early termination fees. 


Have you actually logged into My Account to make sure that your Talktalk service has actually ceased? It does specify that you need to do this,  @mthorpe2.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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On one hand they want me to chase Sky up to send a cease request on the other saying as I have left early I owe the early exit fees so have I left or not? I can confirm that everything was remotely swapped yesterday phone and broadband both working fine 


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The cease request seems to have disappeared when I was on chat earlier 



 part of the conversation I screen shotted from earlier today 


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Many thanks Arne-Talk Talk for clearing it up for me 

Couldn't see the answered button to press


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Hi mthorpe2


I can confirm that we have a cease request that is being processed. Clearly the email is a mistake. 


Sorry for any confusion.

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No phone call back received as per expectations 


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Contacted them via chat waiting for a call back 


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Hi @mthorpe2 enjoy the new supplier please keep in touch be interested in how they compare. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.