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Upgrade to full fibre 900 rejected 5 times

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I have ended up trying to upgrade to full fibre 900 data only 5 times with 5 different go live dates between February and May this year,  after questioning and getting passed around the various departments within talktalk, i was informed that the order was being rejected due to supersafe boost that was still attached to my account way back when i had a house phone, i had to wait until this was removed and then i could place a new order for full fibre 900.  tried that today and order confirmation department could not do it as there was still an active order in place and i was transferred to loyalty team to remove it.  Loyalty team were saying that there was no order in place so they could not stop it.  after me being transferred back and forth a few times i insisted on the loyalty team placing a new order for the full fibre 900, but i was told no go live date this time and i was not informed a new eero pro plus router would arrive shortly, i am not hopeful that it will go through if it was requested.  


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Hi Phil63


Ive checked and unfortunately that order has also rejected,  Unfortunately because there is an Open complaint I cant get involved. 


Your complaint manager will be in touch.