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Disgusting service.

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I'm sorry but an absolutely disgusting service from TalkTalk.
Last October my elderly parents told me they were experiencing a very crackling line when making or receiving phone calls. There not totally comfortable with using the Internet including online chats so decided to ring. They have a very poor mobile signal at home so used the landline with a combination of poor hearing and a poor line they tried to explain there problem to support.
With them not really knowing what was happening a couple of weeks later and the landline now almost impossible to use I payed them a visit, there internet was woking but as they said there phone line was extremely noisy. I contacted support via the chat and after a couple of attempts with getting cut off and line checks we finally got a visit booked for a TalkTalk engineer. The engineer arrived as promised and checked all there equipment inside the house. He found nothing wrong inside and said it was a problem outside and for Openreach and would report it on.
A period of weeks went by with no contact from TalkTalk as to what was happening. I contacted support via the chat again and explained the situation. After endless line checks with support saying there was nothing wrong the problem must be in the property I finally managed to get an Open reach engineer booked. Sure enough on said day they received a call from the engineer who was in the local exchange, he had done something there which had improved the line but still not brilliant and wanted to come to there home. Once there he fitted a new phone socket and checked things again, still far from perfect.There line comes to the house underground the engineer opened the manhole up out side there property and said there's your problem it needs looking at I'll report it on.
Again weeks go by with not contact from anybody so I contact support via the chat. After a long long time of line checks with support saying the problem is inside the house and me repeating what the Openreach engineer had said they agree to send an Engineer out. On said day a TalkTalk engineer turns up and says I don't know what I'm doing here the problem is outside. Checks there equipment and *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* off.
Now a few days later Openreach are working in the Village and there line improves to the point they can use it. So now there happy until they get there next bill with a £50 TalkTalk engineer visit on it and yes you guessed it the line started to crackle again.
Today they can't even get a dial tone.
Fed up with the service from the online chat I managed to finally find a phone number and rang from my mobile. After explaining what had happened to the lady from support she said she would transfer me to technical support. After an eternity on hold I give the operator the details again. She takes my number in case we get cut of and proceeds to do a line check.
After 40 minutes of waiting I get cut off. Not too worry they will ring me back, that was four hours ago. NOTHING.
I'm a TalkTalk customer and at present when my contract is up I will be looking to change providers.
Six months on my elderly parents don't seem to have much choice but leave TalkTalk to try and get a working phone line unless somebody here can help ?


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Hi Sean1969,


I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused to your parents and yourself by this issue. Line test is picking up a potential issue so I've logged this out to BT Openreach for investigation. Openreach will investigate over the next 72 hours and may contact your parents directly if they need to access there home



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Quick update, received a call back a full 12 hours after I rang them and at 4.05 AM UK time.

Needless to say I missed the call.

If I ring back we will start the process all over again. Feels like we're just running round in circles banging our heads against a brick wall.

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Sorry to hear this, @Sean1969.


Staff will not be back on here before Monday. 


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Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.