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Further Problems with my phone line

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I thought it best to post a new post rather than continuing my previous thread, to avoid any confusion since things have changed a little.


I have a Trucall box on my line.

Recently noticed the Trucall phones out a few times in the early hours each day to sync with it's server.


I put a call Barr on my line at the time because I hadn't realised it was Trucall which was dialing out, and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be charged as I have also cancelled Call Boosts.


I disabled the Trucall weblink which now prevents Trucall making those daily calls, and I also phoned Trucall to make sure.

Now a strange thing is happening


Now instead of me seeing the Trucall number dialing out each day, I now see a TalkTalk number 02086166483

When I phone this from my mobile I am greeted with a voice message saying " You have been diverted to this number by TalkTalk to reactivate your phone line"

This number only appears on my bill when Trucall box is attached, but if I remove the Trucall box I don't get that number which appears as free on my bill BTW

I'm confused by this

TT have arranged an Openreach visit. But I don't want them to charge me


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Ive explained what's happened here, again this is no reflection on you there is no effect on your credit rating etc its just our system does not allow us to block all outgoing calls (which you requested) without this method of barring, and the subsequent diversion. 


Again, you are not in debt, never have been this is just what you requested to stop truecaller (not our system) from auto dialing out. 


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That's better I suppose


22 years a customer and paid every bill on time.

Better to choose your words more carefully TBH


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You need to answer the correct question.

I am not disputing WHY the numbers were dialed.

I was responding to what Arne mentioned in his last reply.

The calls are being redirected due to us as the bar on the line is a debt collections barr. So it appears truecall is still dialing out.


I was annoyed at Arne for stating the incorrect which was barred for dept

That is NOT the case!!

Better that you leave this to Arne and myself!!


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Apologies , Its the only way to place an outgoing barr, You are not in debt and never have been, it simply a system issue.  When that type of barr is added it routes calls to our call center,  there is no other alternative bar, that fact remains something is still dialing out from your property


Sorry for any upset caused.

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@Chainsawcharlie, if you check that number, you get this on "who called me":



This suggests that it's in the nature of the bar to divert the calls to that number, to prevent you running up a debt.


As you say, you are NOT being charged. 


Trucall would appear to be causing the problem. Hopefully staff can clarify further. 




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I take great exception To you calling this. A dept collections Barr, and suggest you check your facts before making statements like that.

FYI I have never been in dept to anyone in my life!!

This Barr was added only because we needed to identify what was causing the outbound calls and avoid associated costs.


Once again more TT rubbish.


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@Chainsawcharlie, please follow up on here. 


You posted a duplicate which I have moved out of the way.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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The calls are being redirected due to us as the bar on the line is a debt collections barr.  So it appears truecall is still dialing out.