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Weird Problem with Phone

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I cancelled my call boosts about 6 weeks ago, and naturally have avoided making any calls on my TT Landline, instead opting to use my mobile.


Now you can imagine my horror when I discoverd my new TT bill showing £ 7 worth of chargeable calls.


On closer inspection EVERY call made was to the same number starting 0208 XXX2212  each call exactly 24pence and all mader at times when my wife and I tucked up in bed like 2am 0r 4.45 am


We did get 2 calls on the bill again 24p to 0203 XXX3044


When I try to phone these numbers from my mobile, there ios no voice when I answer, but just a strange garbled type of fax sounding noise, but not quite a fax sound.

We have been around the house to check nothing else connected to phone line, and there isnt anything, and theres just me n the mrs living here.


Only thing I can think oif is BT were down the road last week and did substantial work on a new cabinet in the pavement, I might add we have had these numbers since the work and prior to it.


TT have been good and refunded our costs as a one off and have now placed a barr on the outgoing calls so w\ait and see now.


Anyone else have a similar story?


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The number is not a TalkTalk number, and a calls bar would not make outgoing calls


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No nothing whatsoever

And in any case, I can't think of anything I would ever have which would phone TalkTalk customer service number.


One thought which crossed my mind. I asked TT to put a Barr on my outgoings calls do you think this maybe some kind of test calls that TT run in this case?


The calls are zero cost. But I guess this is normal even if you don't have call boost??


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Do you have anything hardwired to your phoneline usually to the master socket. 


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Hi Arne


Thanks for the reply.

No we don't have Caroline installed.


Not sure why that would be responsible



The Trucall Calls stopped when I deactivated so don't appear now


Now I get other numbers appearing on my bill in the early hours

Which is the same TT number you dial in UK for customer services

As with the Trucall incident they all appear in early hours and are for a set time.


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Do you have a careline enabled ?   Those numbers are "whitelisted" meaning they cant be blocked. 


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Hi I now have another problem since I asked TT to but a Barr on outgoings calls.

Instead of seeing the Trucall number dialing out in the early hours which I have now disabled, I now get TalkTalk numbers dialing out 6 times per day always in the early hours.


Spoke to TT Technical today but the guy wasn't too helpful, and has now pushed this over to Openrach for some strange reason, I have no faith in this, what on earth open reach can do about my line dialing TT I don't know!


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Thankyou Arne,

I never realised Trucall was dialing out. You are spot on it was. Guess I never actually noticed it when I was on free calls.

Now switched off



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Hi @Chainsawcharlie 


Ive gone through the last 6 months bills and that number is always showing.


The number appears to be truecaller, or do you have an alarm system that tests the line every few hours which is usually the case.


As the boost is no longer in effect the calls are valid.