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increase Super Safe boost licences

Wise Owl

talktalk offers currently 8 licenses to the customers. when will they think of increasing them like BT has 15 for their customers. we all are getting more devices in the home and family that need protection and sometimes 8 is not enough



Community Star

Good idea.


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 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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Wise Owl

yeah when i think of it. talktalk had 1 or 2 licenses before then they went to 8. BT decided to tempt people to come to them with 15 licenses. wonder what talktalk will offer. 

Community Star

I don't want to deprecate security products, but a lot of this is just marketing bull as demonstrated here i.e. I see your 8 and I'll raise you 15. Many devices simply do not need it. And for those that do there are plenty of free products which do the job. I would certainly never choose an ISP on the basis of devices allegedly covered. Just my opinion, obviously.