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"Microsoft" virus warning blocking my computer

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We have SuperSafe installed on our laptop but twice recently we have had it blocked by a flashing visual and aural warning saying we have a virus and asking for personal information. This is obviously a scam but each time it has blocked the computer and was difficult to remove. I downloaded Malwarebytes but it did not detect a threat. I contacted TalkTalk chat and they could not help but suggested I should try here. Why is SuperSafe not protecting us from this?







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Hi Roger


All these kind of pop-ups are fake warnings.  They're not a virus or malware just an annoying fake message trying it on.

  • ctrl+alt+delete to Open the Task Manager
  • Use the Task Manager to close your browser
  • Clear your temporary Internet files and reboot
  • Do not restore the browser session
  • After the reboot, the pop-up will be gone

Have you got HomeSafe active as well as SuperSafe Boost?


Obvious advice is to only visit trusted sites and block the site where this message was picked up from. HomeSafe's KidsSafe has the ability to Choose which sites to Block or Allow.

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