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urgent replacement sim required

Mrs B 73
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Good afternoon, 


My account includes 2 mobile plans, one of which hasn't been used for a long time. It should be active, but is not working when inserted - there is possible damage to the card. I really need a replacement asap but there is no link to place an order through online contact.


My Husband and vulnerable autistic Son are going out on long bicycle rides during the lock down for permitted exercise and for the benefit of my Son's emotional health. Without a mobile I am extremely worried about their welfare when out of contact with home.


is it possible for the team to be contacted please. Thank you.


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Check the most up to date information which seems to be here:


Or this, @Mrs B 73 :

and any other relevant information from a ssearch at the top of any forum page. 


If this solves it for you,  please let us know 


If you still need help,  just wait for TT staff to reach your thread.  This can take several days.  Give them time to reach your post as it is moving forward in the queue while no further comments are posted. Staff work from oldest to newest. 


Other information to be found here:





Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It looks like I'll need TT staff to reach my thread - the links are unfortunately dead ends in the current situation. 


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Thanks for letting us know. Sorry, it might take a few days for a reply. 


Let's not post further, so it really does keep moving forward for you. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.